GTA IV For PC Very Doubtful

WhatIfGaming writes: "Okay, who here isn't crazy for GTA IV? Seriously. 360 fans running a muck about it and their DLC with PS3 fans going crazy over finally playing one of the most anticipated titles to date."

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Douchebaggery3856d ago

Even if they have to get another team/devs to make the port, R* absolutely have to make a PC version.

PC has always been the best place to play GTA.

RandalCG3856d ago

They don't have to do anything. Tough luck. LucasArts always deved on
PC and now look, there's no PC version of Unleashed.

vickers5003856d ago

"PC has always been the best place to play GTA"

Bubbles, for your hilarious joke.

Douchebaggery3856d ago

vickers500 laugh all you want but until you play GTA with mods you have not idea what GTA is capable of.

RecSpec3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Check out some of the San Andreas mods, then curl up into a ball and cry. No matter what multiplayer modes show up in 4, NOTHING can touch some of the PC mods. It's crazy.

vickers5003856d ago

Keyboard and mouse sucks for a game like GTA.

Douchebaggery3856d ago

Dude when's the last time you played a PC game?

You'd be surprised to learn that they now support controllers!

Even x360 and PS3 controllers work on PC!

vudu3856d ago

San Andreas runs flawlessly on a PC and a 360 controller.

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M337ING3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

There's no PC version of Gears of War in development; no, we're not currently looking at a PC version of Halo 2; oh, we don't have any plans for a PC Mass Effect; yes, there might be a pc version of Assassin's Creed; GTA III is currently a PS2 exclusive, etc, etc...

Lay it off, guys. A PC port is inexpensive to do and could easily be handed off to one of 2K's other teams. It won't be as popular as the console versions, but it'll MAKE MONEY, which 2K DESPERATELY NEEDS. ;)

HuntTheWumpus3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

I don't want to hear that! GTA was born on the PC and I really want to play this game! I don't want to have to buy a console to play it and I want the best experience I can get from it.

I agree with #1 and #2 We've heard this before but it's in Take2's best interest to release it to the PC gamer's. +1 sale here!

Official General3856d ago

I dont mean to sound cold but, oh sh*t too bad PC owners where is all this talk now about "I'll wait for the PC version" ? LOL you'd better get yourselves a PS3 or 360 because you gonna miss out on GTA 4 big time! Even if there is a PC version it wont come out for a very long time, and by then the GTA 4 hype will have long died down. Do yourselves a favour PC guys and get a PS3, because you sure aint gonna see GTA 4 for a while!

M337ING3856d ago

PC players have tons of other stuff to play that's come out in recent months.

I can stomach a year's wait for gta4. After all, we're getting Mafia 2 before long.

tweaker3856d ago

That kinda sucks. Mods were really fun on the PC version of San Andreas.

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The story is too old to be commented.