TeamXBox: NFL Head Coach 09 Hands-on Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Football gamers can essentially be divided into two groups. There are those that waste no time getting into either a local or online match, picking their home team and going at it. But then there are those rarer birds that must create an experience that is as close to the upcoming NFL season as possible. The less compulsive in the "sim" category may download the latest rosters or do some prognostication on free agency or waivers pick-ups. Those closer to the deep end (read: those that religiously play RPGs) take it to another level by digging through every nook and cranny of Madden's career/campaign so that everything is just right.

After close to twenty five years of sports gaming, Electronic Arts pretty much knows what its customers want. But there was a bit of a hole in EA's Sports' catalog for all of those stat-masters, fantasy players and anybody else that cares about "team chemistry" in video games. Taking a page from its Total Club Manager (aimed at those fans of the other kind of football), EA created NFL Head Coach and released it in mid 2006. Tiburon threw the fiery Bill Cowher on the cover of NFL Head Coach in hopes of rounding up some rah-rah interested in the regular Xbox SKU, but the title didn't exactly set the world on fire. Okay, it was a colossal failure in many regards, but we digress. On to bigger and better things."

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