Army of Two releasedate pushed back

Today Electronic Arts announced that the next-gen game Army of Two, that will be released on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, has been delayed.

The reason is unknown, but the game will now hit the stores somewhere in the financial year of 2008. A release in 2007 is still likely though, since the financial year starts at the 1st of April 2007.

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zonetrooper54457d ago

I really want this game but hopefull EA takes it time and polishs this game so its look amazing and plays amazing.

BIadestarX4457d ago

Thanks to Sony's incompetence 360 gamers have to suffer. Developers have to wait until the PS3 have enough intall base in order to release the game. It is obvious that it is a bad a Idea of the publisher to release only the 360 version.