DBZ Burst Limit: Fighting Roots - Part 1

Dragon Ball Z at its core has always been about the awesome fights and crazy powers the characters have. What better way to recreate that experience on the next-gen systems than through a fighting game? That was the feeling everyone on the team expressed when Burst Limit came into being. The thought was to take the series back to its roots with Dimps (developers of Budokai 1, 2 and 3) and then improve it any way we could. Dimps has always been known for their great fighting systems for DBZ, and Burst Limit is no different. They have taken everything that worked well from previous games and come up with some small but important improvements for this newest entry; Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. Sound Good?! Good!

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yowoe3833d ago

But it should give people who haven't touched DBZ games in a while more confidence in Burst Limit.