PS4 Has More Pre-orders Than Xbox One, "By Long Shot 150:30" says GameStop Manager

Neither Sony nor Microsoft have revealed pre-order figures for both consoles, however a GameStop Store manager via a recent AMA on Reddit provided details regarding which among PS4 and Xbox One has more pre-orders.

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sherimae24132471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

thats Great! cant wait to get a PS4!
will it also be release in asia in November 15th?
or ill just import...

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DeadRabbits2471d ago

The Xbone is fluttering on the ground like a sparrow having a heart attack!

obliteratorFTW2471d ago

I know for sure you are Gaelic laoch :) my fav n4ger.

Mrgolden792471d ago

Awwww... I want to use an x potion on it and teach it quick attack

seanpitt232471d ago

Obviously its the cheaper and more powerful console.

I have always supported Sony and never bought a Xbox and never will.

Omegasyde2471d ago

I have PETA on the phone, and they said to retract your statement.

UncleGermrod2471d ago

I see you trolling quite a bit, and when do sparrows have heart attacks?

These little rumours like this are funny. We all already know ps4 has more pre orders. but they were less conservative with their allotments than MS was for preordering. The demand for ps4 is deff higher, but ppl saying xbox is dead are just jumping on the bandwagon.

pixelsword2470d ago

To the victor goes the spoils.

QSPR2470d ago

no........he say's you media, GameStop, guys and everyone is wrong!! lol

Ritsujun2470d ago

Microsofie has been Xbone180'ing themselves since the Xbone180 reveal.

rainslacker2470d ago


Most estimates say 2:1 or 3:1. This is 5:1, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that one store could do that if it is located in a predominately PS-centric area. He also said it was just one store, and he didn't really have numbers for others.

Gaming1012470d ago

Yeah, because even fanboys are switching, except for a few militants who are so clingy to a product and a brand that they can't bare to choose a competitor's product regardless of price, quality etc.

It's like people who drive Mustangs and Camaros. Chevy Vs. Ford. Some people like both, but some owners just can't help but be childish and badmouth the other person's car/console/whatever, all in the name of competition. Notice this is a largely male trait, girls don't give a crap what console you own, and don't (usually) spend time badmouthing you for owning one or another.

mikeslemonade2470d ago

I'd say a more liberal and major city locations would get the 5:1 PS4 to X1 ratio. It seems like the people who follow the news and are in the loop are getting the PS4. While the xbox gamer who doesn't really follow the news just wants the next system to play COD and BF.

Outside of supply constraints I think we will quickly see the PS3 sell atleast a 3:1 ratio.

warczar2470d ago


That's because women aren't the most discerning consumers out there, the term "impulse buyer" was invented to describe the way women shop. Just paint the next gen consoles pink and women will think that there helping fight breast cancer.

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come_bom2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

"PS4 Has More Pre-orders Than Xbox One, "By Long Shot 150:30" says GameStop Manager"

I think everybody suspected this. X1 might do well in the USA... but in Europe and the rest of the world, i don't think it will sell that much.

I predict a price drop for the X1 in the near future... or a Kinectless X1.

IcicleTrepan2471d ago

Yes but it doesn't forgive him for not using his math skills to reduce the ratio to 5/1 lol

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irepbtown2471d ago

Haha, I was thinking the exact same 5:1.
Much easier to say 'for every 5 PS4's pre-ordered, 1 Xbox One was pre-ordered'.

Basically there are 5 times more PS4 pre-orders compared to Xbox One (going by Gamestop manager).

weekev152471d ago

@ Icicletrepan, that was the first thing I thought when I saw it. Way to make things seem like its way more by using bigger numbers.

N82471d ago

They are gonna have to its just not worth the price for some. Myself included and I always buy both systems but at 500$ its a rip-off compared to ps4. In my opinion of course


I'm pretty sure 150 and 30 was the total his particular store had pre-ordered (in PS4s and XB1s respectively), not necessarily a 5:1 across all Gamestop's (in fact, he even said in the article that this "ratio" was only on his store).

There's no reason to say 5:1 is the same all around Gamestop or USA, that the difference will be even bigger nor smaller... This is isolated data, we can't really infer anything from that.

I mean we all expect PS4 to outsell Xbox One, sure, but I don't think it will get that far ahead on launch, maybe worldwide, but not by launch in USA considering how popular MS still is in it's home turf. Down the road however, I can see PS4 achieving that if MS carries XB1 as they did XB360 (great first two years, crap ever after).

B-radical2470d ago

Lol I gotta hope x1 does at least decent in Australia.. Imagine if they stopped manufacturing games for overseas! Is be screwed

kparks2470d ago

I cant take this story seriously what kinda dumbass says 150:30 to me that right there is so stupid its unbelievable.. Im so excited I feel like a little kid on Christmas eve waiting for this thing to come out! :)

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Death2471d ago

"That is for my store. On avg there have been more PS4's than XB One pre orders. some stores may have more Xb's than PS4's but from what I saw not by much"

Cool. Let's call a couple of the stores that pre-sold more Xbox Ones, that way we can say the Xbox One is outselling the PS4. I don't see anyone deny the PS4 has had more pre-sales. What is this 150:30 though? Does anyone here really believe a 5:1 ratio is accurate? This isn't news and doesn't belong on N4G. How does this get approved?

MRMagoo1232471d ago

call 100 shops i can bet you 99 will have a lot more ps4 pre orders than the xbone , i have asked at plenty of EBgames and JB hifis and PS4 is in the lead at every one by a large margin.

Foxhound9222471d ago

Probably because it's true. I'm a manager at walmart and I believe we allocated 40 preorders for each system. The PS4 sold out in 3 days, I believe our x1 count is at 11.

I'm not saying that this is every store, but I highly doubt you will find any stores that have a higher Xbox to ps pre order ratio. If you do then I would be surprised, and it would be in an extreme minority.

SniperControl2471d ago

I know a couple of the lads at my local Game store, they currently have 176 PS4 & 54 X1 orders, thats around 3:1 i think.

Drekken2471d ago

The manager is just stating what his store has and has also stated what other stores around him have preordered. Maybe these numbers don't jive with your belief that the Xbox is the best, but I suggest you just shill out and wait for launch.

Death2471d ago

Sometimes I wonder if it is simply reading comprehension or ADHD that prevents people from understanding written words.

"I don't see anyone deny the PS4 had more pre-sales" was probably the best indication from what I wrote that should help people reach the conclusion that I don't see anyone deny the PS4 had more pre-sales. I highly doubt the 150:30 ratio is accurate all across the board though.

If having more pre-sales helps you justify your purchase then I am trully happy for you. I went with the system that has the games I want to play now. When the PS4 gets games that interest me, I'll most likely get one. I have always followed the games which is why I have all the systems in my house.

DEEBO2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Yeah he's right,i work at gamestop and we have a hundred ps4 and 50 x1 preorders.

All the other stores in my district is the same way.
This is how you can tell who is doing better in gamestop.
when you walk into a gamestop the system that's in front of the store is the one that's more popular and will make the company the most money.
This is how the marketing is setup for all gamestops.
sony has most the systems and games in gamestop.
ps4 in the front of the store next is the ps3 then the X1 and the 360 with the wii u at the back of the store.

Hicken2471d ago

"What is this 150:30 though?"

"That is for my store. On avg there have been more PS4's than XB One pre orders. some stores may have more Xb's than PS4's but from what I saw not by much."

And you talk about others not comprehending.

Omegasyde2471d ago


I work at a Microsoft outlet in the downtown mall next to the burger joint where my friends work.

At our store, we have 4531 preorders for PS4 and only 672 1/2 pre-orders for Xbox 1.

We also have sold 5481684 Ipad 3d and only 2 Windows Surface RT 2013 tablets with half-off coupon + trade-in offer + 1 year free 4g internet.

(Sarcasm - but I do see your point)

DoubleM702471d ago

Well that's what happen when PSFans or XbFan gets so heavily focused on one. They get tunnel vision like their system is the end all be all system. It's going to funny how all these core gamers going to realize that it's more casual gamers than core gamers.

FFXI1012471d ago

" Does anyone here really believe a 5:1 ratio is accurate?"

@Death You better believe it. Guest whose fault is it? MS's fault.

Why? At the store I used to work, for some reason MS stop the pre-order before the PS4's. It only last for about two weeks or less as soon as the next gen were announced, then about three or four weeks later we got the email gave us the ok to continue take pre-order for XBONE.

My guest would be they either had issue with the production line or the console itself.

Then with their announcement how gamers won't be able to trade games and all the restrictions, people started to have doubts about purchase it, that cause them problem. So I can tell you from my experience, it is possible to have 5:1 ratio.

BoriboyShoGUN2471d ago

Yeah at my Gamestop in Dallas they have similar numbers. The question is can Xbox keep more units on the shelves when the PS4 's are all gone! But I think Sony is shipping a hell of a lot more units. seems like they were ready this gen and have been for a while

KrisButtar2470d ago


In the area I live in all the stores stopped there XB1 pre-orders at 20(at each store.) Microsoft put a limit on how many the stores could take. Meanwhile The flood gates are still open for the PS4 and places are still taking pre-orders. So I can totally see 5:1 ratio or even higher in my area. Microsoft may have put limits on other stores as well which is why we see these high ratios.

larrysdirtydrawss2470d ago

better chance at finding bigfoot than finding stores with more preorders in favor for xone

Shapeshifter752470d ago

Ratios are just a reflection of opinion. I do completely believe that 5:1 is possible regarding the PS4 vs XB1 preorders. For instance, at this point, 6 people have agreed with you whereas 51 have disagreed. This is probably closely tied to consumer interest. The 6 people that "Agree" are most likely interested in purchasing an XB1 or support MS in general. The 51 that "Disagree" all probably have their minds made up to purchase, or at least have interest in purchasing, a PS4. "If" my theory is correct, that would be nearly a 9:1 ratio in favor of the PS4.

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Tornado2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

well, i live in South East Asia and guess what i'll be importing a PS4 from US when it launches :)

EDIT: and no, PS4 will not be released in Asia on November 15th:

USA 15 Nov
Europe 29 Nov
Taiwan 18 Dec
Korea 17 Dec
Hong Kong 17 Dec
Japan 22 Feb 2014

irepbtown2471d ago

Japan... 2014... Really?

I'm quite shocked!

Unlucky, 21 days to go for meeeeeeee!!!!!!

kingPoS2470d ago

Man... it's gonna be kinda odd knowing PS4 will be imported from here. Usually, it's the other way around. To make up for that, I'll probably import the Vita TV.

Gateway MT6706 2008

classic192470d ago

o ok, i thought it was next year. thanks on the correction =)

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Gamer19822471d ago

Ratio is 5:1. Thats a damn good ratio for Sony in the US. Its gonna be more in Europe where Sony rule the roost.

Manic20142471d ago

150:30 is just one store, it differs in others......

kreate2470d ago

it could be

200:30 in some stores...while
100:60 in other stores...

I don't know if there is much of a difference.

Rainstorm812471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

I know 150:30 is great but they could've stopped the hyperbole and just said 5 to 1....easy math

strickers2471d ago

The reason they didn't use 5-1 is because they were reporting the actual figure of the store, not just a ratio.

Chaostar2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Came here to post exactly this, where did this guy learn ratios?

Edit: @strickers - fair enough, I guess, but they could still have expressed the ratio in its simplest form and gave total preorder figures too.

creeping judas2471d ago

But 150:30 sounds so much bigger and better then 5:1 Rain.

MysticStrummer2471d ago

Wow. 2:1 would be significant, but 5:1? Holy crap...

irepbtown2471d ago

1:1 would have been good in America let alone what is being achieved.

Kudos to Sony.

christrules00412471d ago

It's only North America getting it on the 15th.

Peppino72471d ago

5:1 is easier and the proper way to put it. Great news for Sony. That's a pretty high ratio. Imagine how much greater the gap would have been if MS didn't change their DRM policy back.

iiwii2469d ago

Now you know WHY they changed it back. The days following E3 I can imagine their pre-orders were flatline.

Chevalier2471d ago

My EB store has about 372 PS4 preorders and 62 xbox one preorders. 9 stores in the city averaging about 200+ PS4 per store and 50 xbox one per store. Canada is 3 or 4 to 1 easily in favour of PS4 and accounts for over 1/10 th of the million ps4 presales.

lokirevamped2471d ago

What's great about it? Is it the fact that both are selling well or you being a troll? I am glad both are selling, looking forward to picking up both consoles, my Wii U is feeling lonely.

True gamers support the Software being made, Trolls/Fake gamers support consoles.

ShowGun9012471d ago

eh, to an extent,yes. but as a "true gamer" i dont think ms supports the vision i have of "the future of gaming." its the same reason i won't use micro-transactions on games on my ipad, most are money-pits that just are about pulling money from your wallet, not gameplay.

MS focuses too much on casuals and not their core, and all the stuff they 180'ed on i thought were not only terrible, but bad for the industry. thats why i wont give them my money, i think they don't agree with me about whats better for us. (gamers)

i dont think that makes me a fanboy.

lokirevamped2471d ago

ShowGun901, my comment was for sherimae2413 however, I still think the software developers need supporting, plus, Microsoft might pull something off....only time will tell. I am getting them both so I just want to game.

UltimateMaster2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Ouch! That's gotta hurt.
They're going to feel that in the morning./s

classic192471d ago

i think asia gets it next year i believe. :(

hollabox2471d ago

This stuff is laughable fanboy crap. How did this article get approved? The title should be changed to reflect this GameStop one store instead generalized for the whole nation.

I went into multiple GameStops and Best Buys to pre order XB1 and they were all sold out in regards to pre orders. Best Buy informed they have 20 PS4 in stock now for mid night release, no XB1 in as of yet with pre orders being sold out for both. Manager informed he could get me a PS4 now for $700 just don't connect it to the internet yet, informed I already have an pre order through Amazon for next Friday.

PrimeGrime2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Seems your best bet is getting a Korean one. Releases December 17th. Japanese one doesn't release until early 2014.

Id imagine it might be cheaper if you are in asia to get a Korean one instead of importing all the way from the U.S. Unless the wait just kills you but it might not even get shipped to you before then anyway.

TAURUS-5552471d ago

at last MS will fall apart ¡¡¡

Sly-Lupin2471d ago

It's terrible. Are we really going to trust the statistical data of a person incapable of simplifying 150:30 to the proper 5:1?

Adityac2470d ago

Yes, but them PAL restrictions THO.

BBBirdistheWord2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )


can we really trust the word of a 'gamestop manager' who refers to his retail product derogatively as 'xbone'.

If I were the chain manager, I would sack this guy, just as I would if he referred to the PS4 as PSBore or PS3.5

It's amazing what passes for news on n4g.

rainslacker2470d ago

I still say this doesn't account for the people that pre-ordered the system digitally. They obviously don't show up in these numbers and they far outweigh the physical unit sales. :)

showtimefolks2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

this isn't surprising, MS can't expect parents to spend an extra $100 that they can spend elsewhere or games and extra controllers

PS4 is more powerful
sony has a better track record
psn-plus is a very under rated service, once more people sign up for Plus it will put a lot of pressure on MS to atleast match sony's offerings

and sony has ND while Bungie is now 3rd party and doing exclusive content for ps4

one thing though, i believe both will sell out for first 4-6 months, its whoever can produce more

ps4 IMO will outsell xbox one 3-1 if not 4-1, just because its launching in more countries and by sony delaying Japan's launch they will have a lot more to sell in the USA and other parts of the world