Xbox One launch apps include Netflix, 4oD, Twitch and Blinkbox

Xbox One's entertainment applications in the UK have been revealed by Microsoft.

A total of 13 services will be available on Microsoft's next-generation console between launch day and spring 2014.

All apps have been built from the ground up for Xbox One, offering voice and gesture controls, as well as the opportunity to introduce exclusive Snap features and media achievements.

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DeadRabbits2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Sorry I can't see over the PayWall™

thrust2665d ago

Why buy an xbox without live tho :/

Cheap people I guess!

Maybe get a job?

Thegamer412665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Its not always about the price, you do know there are millions of people that just do not like to game online.
If all they want to do is play single player and use the other features the consoles offer, why do they have to pay for Xbox Live just to use them?

"They need to get with the times then."
It has nothing to do with the times... Some people just dont enjoy competitive play and a lot of people will get the "other console" no doubt about that.

thrust2665d ago

They need to get with the times then.

Or get the other console and shut up. It's that easy.

Wizziokid2665d ago

"Why buy an xbox without live tho :/"

some people don't play games online?

Killjoy30002665d ago

You can't defend charging to use a service YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR.

DigitalRaptor2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

@ thrust

That deflection.... is it not conceivable that certain gamers don't enjoy competitive online gaming? Or numerous other factors...

Around 40% of Xbox 360 owners don't subscribe to XBL. That isn't just some negligible number you can sweep away. That's a TON of people, and restricting FREE applications to a paywall is something that deserves to be questioned and should be questioned, until Microsoft does something about it, or people finally see sense and stop supporting their nonsense greed tactics.

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ElementX2665d ago

At least One users can watch Netflix on day one. PS4 has to wait for some reason.

ElementX2665d ago

I have a PS3 and my PS4 is coming next week! I can't wait!!!

PSN: IamNate

Killjoy30002665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Stop spreading mis-information, Netflix is out day one, and you don't have to pay for the service you already subscribeD to. Why? Because Sony isn't anti-consumer. See how this philosophy runs full circle?

ElementX2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I thought I had read somewhere that the apps weren't out on release. My apologies for the misinformation, I wouldn't intentionally say something that isn't true.

neocores2665d ago

Wtf lol netflix is a launch app lol

Mr_cheese2665d ago

@Killjoy Very glad you cleared this up, got a day one ps4 and was under the impression that there would be no netlfix at launch!

Khajiit862665d ago

Once I get my PS4, Netflix will be the least of my worries. Cant wait to play the hell out of killzone and bf4.

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Mikelarry2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

@ thrust

i was going to answer your query in a mature manner but then read your closing comment and the video below does a better job

DeadRabbits2665d ago


Watch it Trust it may save your Soul!

thrust2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

No it does not! Fact

Or are you that much of a net nerd you think it does.

That was very gimpy, my skin is crawling for you.

cheap people!

Khajiit862665d ago

Just leave the kid alone. He is obviously happy paying more for less.

MrCastle2665d ago

@deadrabbits so you're not getting a psn subscription after paying $400 for a console? Do you use that logic and forgo Internet because of the monthly fee? Or are you just trolling an Xbox article....again?

DeadRabbits2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Already have one PS-Plus's Instant Games is where it's at, amazing value at an affordable price! Anything else is just a bonus!

Edit: You call it Trolling I call it saving Souls!

falviousuk2665d ago

Trolling as usual, its all sony fanboys do, they arent really gamers.

I liken them to football holigans, they attah themselves to a team but their only intention is to cause trouble for any opposing team supporters.

DigitalRaptor2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

@ falviousuk

All I ever see you do is complain about Sony fanboys and attempt to paint them as "the worst" or "not gamers" which is laughable since PS4 is a more gaming centric console than the Xbone to begin with. That's where your argument starts and ends I'm afraid.

Your football hooligans analogy is so unbalanced that I'm not even going to bother refuting it. All I see from guys like you is deflection of the truth. Even though it's the truth, you deflect it as trolling. Deflect it onto the "Sony fanboys" and maybe most people won't notice. Yeah that's right... If you hide the problems, Xbox Live won't seem to be a rip off in regards to where it is, factually, a rip off.

Man... "not gamers"... smh dude, smdh. Sounding out against a greedy corp who have proven they're not in this for the gamers, and publicising bad industry behaviour and practices.... that makes you a non-gamer all of a sudden. yeah... sure.

infectedaztec2665d ago

You can afford 400/500 for a console, 60 for a game, but the 40 for a great online service is too much? lol

mkis0072665d ago

It's not the money, It's the idea that MS knowingly puts something they have no reason to, behind a pay-wall; something we already pay for no less. Why? WHY? is it not accessible on xbox consoles ? It is the same app experience!

It is made worse by the fact that Sony only puts server upkeep (multiplayer), behind a paywall.

I have yet to see a reason.

DigitalRaptor2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

$40 for a great online service is not too much, if it's a large scale, high-bandwidth solution and using dedicated servers. Maybe it is too much for some, or some people just don't like online multiplayer, and that is where the paywall problems are too obvious to ignore.

What is too much (and I don't know how is even legal) is having applications that are FREE on every single other platform and device in the world, except the Xbox ones. And it's not even a one-off payment for each app. It requires paid access every, single, year. For FREE apps that don't require XBL Gold, and connect to third party servers.

Internet Explorer - a goddamn web browser that is free to access on all Windows PCs and phones - even requires a yearly subscription to use. It's so messed up but loyalist Xbox fans are downplaying it like it needs to be covered up, when it's nothing but the truth.

A great service can still be a rip-off, and that is what Xbox Live is.

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Mills932665d ago

Channel 4 On Demand, It's a UK TV station

falviousuk2665d ago

4oD is channel fours on demand streaming service in the UK.

Channle 4 is run by the BBC outside of the normal BBC channels which are paid for by the licenece fee. Channel 4 is a commercial channel running adverts as opposed to the BBC channels which do not run ads During TV shows and inmbetween shows

nugnugs2665d ago

It's not run by the BBC at all?? Where did you get that information.

Zichu2665d ago

As long as I still have 4oD and NOW TV, I will be fine.

I didn't like the idea of Kinect always being there, but the ability to switch between games and apps is definitely a good idea.

On a night, I will usually be playing something, but when I have my dinner, I want to watch something and usually have to turn off my game and load up 4oD, YT or NOW TV. Now, I can just switch between whichever without any problems.

falviousuk2665d ago

Disappointing to see that iPlayer isnt there, the best on demand video player there is.

Might have to keep the 360 just now for it until one appears on the xbox one

infectedaztec2665d ago

You can control the 360 through the ONE! It'll be grand until the official app arrives

sprinterboy2665d ago

Not actually buying a xbone, but it's a good list for the UK, disappointed my ps4 won't have YouTube and some other apps like 4oD, iPlayer etc at launch, don't see how hard it can be to get the top 10 apps ready for launch, but hey I have my smart tv in the meantime.

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