Un-gamer meets the PS3

Sony rented out space in a building in Manhattan's chic SoHo neighborhood (for those of you who aren't New Yorkers, it's a post-industrial district known for sky-high ceilings and sky-higher rents) and filled it with PS3s, 40-inch Bravia TVs, and futuristic, uber-comfy pod-shaped chairs.Basically, it was a couch potato's Valhalla...

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death monk4464d ago

I'm not being a hater, but she stated multiple times that she has never owned a console and does not play games. I think this means that any console she would play she would think has amazing graphics. I'm not saying the graphics aren't good. I'm saying if you've never owned a console, anything next-gen is going to amaze you.

12Volt4464d ago

Alot of people in the industry as well as us, kept using the "it wont appeal to casual gamers" stick to beat the Sony brand name to a pulp. Not too shabby, it had her "intrigued" and she did say it was definitly "fair" price.

She also proved that the casual gamer would not buy one, atleast until a "fair" price drop.