GTA IV Screens and Q&A - Weapons, Cover, and Combat

Grand Theft Auto IV is the game everyone wants. You know it, GameSpot knows it, and developer Rockstar Games knows it. And now that the highly anticipated action adventure game nears its release, GameSpot has sat down with Rockstar North associate producer Imran Sarwar to get new details on the game's weapon and cover system, and the various improvements that have been made to combat. Enjoy these new details and screenshots and gear up for the game's release at GameSpot's Grand Theft Auto IV launch center.

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joeyisback25853855d ago

yaaaaaaaaaaaaa cool cant wait :-D

joydestroy3855d ago

"The shotguns deserve a mention too--the damage they do at close range is really satisfying."

hell yeah, all i needed to know. the shotgun has become my weapon of choice in most games that carry them in the arsenal.

joydestroy3855d ago

no, that's due to me enjoying seeing the bad guys' pearly white eyes before i blow their brains all over the wall. much more satisfying than a ranged kill.

plus, in games where you can use blind fire, like this one, it works much better versus an assault, LMG, or SMG type weapon. you just blast and their dead, haha.

TrenchaunT3855d ago

Yeah--same here--gotta love the shotgun.

computer3855d ago

I've been watching live gameplay of this on several sites and still can't get enough... might have to try my local game store to give it to me early...

The Closing3855d ago

yeah, that's kinda weak sauce for a game of this proportion.

joydestroy3855d ago

yeah, when i saw 15 i thought that was kinda weak as well. maybe some more will be released later on. one can only hope.

NOTORIOUSzeke3854d ago

15 weapons could be enough...if the guns are balanced this time around.

Nitrowolf23855d ago

15 weapon? that not as much as i thought it would be

just 5 more days come on
why does it have to come out during my school time dammit, i think all great games should come out when there is no school
luckly i think tuesday a great day to predend im sick.

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