BioWare Tells Why They're Making Mass Effect 4

BioWare and Mass Effect series Executive Producer Casey Hudson said, while commemorating N7 day today, the reason they are continuing with the Mass Effect franchise even though the Shepard story line is complete.

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mewhy321962d ago

they're doing it to make money...believe it or not it's all about money!!!!!

Dfooster1961d ago

So what if a company makes money and at the same time it puts a smile on people's faces who get to play their games.

That's exactly how the world should work

hay1960d ago

[email protected]: I'm all for new ME, especially after Shepard story, but ME3 was far from putting a smile on my face, hence some uncertainty here.

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darthawesome901962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I agree it's to milk it for all it's worth. The fact that the EA logo now shows up on all Bioware games removes any doubt from my mind.

I remember the old Bioware. They constantly moved on creating new IPs just as great as the games that Bioware fans were wanting remakes for. They hardly ever made remakes (passed them onto other devs like Obsidian for remakes). They constantly challenged themselves with new IPs.

Since EA merger thing we are now on Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age III. GREAT GAMES but the old Bioware is long gone.....

NeXXXuS1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I'd say more because ME3 players (including me) were pretty disappointed at the ending and how it was done. The add-on content for a different ending made it a bit better, but it was still just bittersweet.

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Aleithian1962d ago


(Let's see how many of us can state the obvious)

Hicken1962d ago

My money's on money. Think I'll be on the money?

310dodo1962d ago

crystal ball says - $$$$$$ is the reason

Nolando1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Well, Im glad they didn't continue Shepards story. of course reference our choices in the new storyline but

we should be put in a new character, a new setting, a new crisis.

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