Diablo III Expansion Reaper of Souls’ BlizzCon Trailer Leaked, Shows Features

Blizzard is expected to show its cards starting tomorrow ay BlizzCon, and one of those cards apparently was a trailer of the upcoming expansion of Diablo III, titled Reaper of Souls.

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majiebeast1809d ago

Looks good dont know if i want to be burned twice though.

Commodore1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

How can be disagree with that....D3 sucked. The original was good. Diablo 2+ LOD was GOLDEN. 3 was garbage....just look at Amazon reviews. Anyone who thinks it's close to the other games is delusional.

fullmetal1561809d ago

El diablo that looks good cant wait to see ps4 gameplay.

amnalehu1809d ago

I played the PS3 demo not really expecting to like it very much but it was really a lot of fun. I definitely will be getting it for the PS4.

4logpc1809d ago

Cant wait to pick this up. Ive been playing D3 since it released at least twice a week.

Commodore1809d ago

*Twice a week* are the keywords. Diablo 2 was 7 days a week. And you could get addicted to it again 8+ years later.

Crazay1809d ago

Enchanting systems! BOOM!

Looking forward to this

pandehz1809d ago

My most played game in the last 2 yrs besides ME3 and BF3

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