Xbox Caught Using PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Gameplay

Junkie Monkeys: It’s been months since Microsoft released this Watch Dogs gameplay on their official Xbox YouTube channel, but thanks to some eagle eyed watchers, it has been revealed that Microsoft used PlayStation 4 footage of the game.


The Xbox channel has recently removed the video. There is a screenshot available proving it was available on the Xbox channel at the source.

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xHeavYx3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Wow, for real? They never hit bottom.
You can't blame them for showing the better version though.

"This video has been removed by the user" LOL

pedrof933367d ago Show
GarrusVakarian3367d ago

See, even MS agree that PS4 mutiplats are better! ;p

Just kidding guys, don't get your panties in a twist.

ZodTheRipper3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

And Watch Dogs caught using GTA5's marketing approach :D
The trailer reminded me instantly to GTA5's gameplay trailer:

Regis3367d ago

I'm starting to be ashamed that I wanted to buy there next console, but they were not honest, but then there's a I told you so comment there. They now lost my support I don't care for Xbox they lied about a favorite game I wanted to play.

vigilante_man3367d ago

It comes as no surprise with Microsoft.

Their average search engine BING was found to be using google search and then re-displaying it at its infancy. Microsoft have always done these types of things.

Personally I would of bitten the bullet and waited 6-9 months and revamped the hardware to better or at least match the PS4 and then get optimised drivers and do a proper release.

It has shocked me at just how on the ball and professional Sony have been this year and just how wild and loose Microsoft have been. Hope it gets better for fans of new consoles.

xHeavYx3367d ago

Here is a link for the Ubisoft video, you can see the covered up symbols at the 1:35 mark

GrizzliS19873367d ago

It really is sad, but i think i will still get the bone eventually, in a year or so at price break.

But this really proves the more powerful hardware. Deny it all you want during release month but give it a few months after that and the people will know for themselves.

Though i still want my KI and skype features.

Eonjay3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Even the marketing department has jumped ship.

If Microsoft can see a difference... we all can. If they would rather use the competition's footage thats not a vote of confidence.

Edit: OMG, they just pulled the clip! I'm gagging!

Now we know why Watch Dogs was delayed.

PoSTedUP3367d ago

man its hard trying to learn how to like MS even a little bit...

i dont just blatantly hate them, i completely despise them for a reason. man, if i had a nickel... have a lot of ******* nickels put it That way.

abzdine3367d ago

Everything is possible, especially after this:
remember? :D

mewhy323367d ago

LOL now they've resorted to using PS4 footage for the xbox. Man alive! this is getting desperate!!! I say just release the bone w/o kinect and drop the price to 350.00. That way gamers won't feel like they're being ripped off. Oh and stop with the PS4 vids microsoft. At least man up enough to use bone footage.

shoddy3367d ago

Not surprise.
They do this all the time

UltimateMaster3367d ago

When PCs aren't enough, we're going to go with PS4.

GTgamer3367d ago

Correct me if im wrong but didnt MS do the same thing with FF13 images when they used the PS3 version.

Prime1573367d ago

@your 1:35 mark comment

WOW, that's what people were seeing? Hell, whoever noticed that... just wow. Those buttons are up for only a few frames.

I feel like a crazed fan saw it. I didn't even watch a min of the video lol.

Ezz20133367d ago


this is getting sad now

SeriousSam3367d ago

The shear stupidity of N4G members is staggering. This is no different than Sony using PC footage like they did a couple weeks ago. Devs have "stock" game footage they allow for advertising. Sony did not pick that PC footage, and MS did not pick this footage. It was given to them as stock advertising footage. If anything its the fault of Ubi and Activision for mixing up which videos should go to which company.

nveenio3367d ago

I would imagine they show the video provided them by the developers.

scott1823367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

MS should not have used this video, they knew it was the PS4 footage. If they had to use footage they should have made sure it was from X1 or even the PC if nothing else, Not the competition!!! What do they expect people to say?

Gazondaily3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Lmao! Oh Microsoft....

They really want you to use the hdmi in port for the PS4.

johndoe112113367d ago


I'm sorry but if I was a xbox fan with a day one preorder, I would be very very worried right about now.

nightfallfilms3367d ago

They are using a video series made by Ubisoft were all the button prompts were supposed to be blacked out, by Ubisoft in fact. But whatever you fan boys will try to spin anything into a negative.

gaffyh3367d ago

They're digging a whole so deep they're almost through to China.

hakeem09963367d ago

You guys realise that MS doesn't own Watch Dogs so whatever footage they got was sent to them by Ubisoft .So they're the one who sent the wrong footage .

Boody-Bandit3367d ago

I guess Digital Foundry and Lens of Truth might as well cease to exist. There will be no sense making comparison videos for next gen when MS is using the PS4 multiplat titles to promote the XBOX ONE.

I thought they hit bottom but obviously they are still fallen.

MRMagoo1233367d ago

OOOOh MS what are we gonna do with you

avengers19783367d ago

This isn't surprising earlier this year, just after E3 I believe, they were using KZSF demo for the XB1... That's not even a multiplat... At least they know quality when they see it

pacosanchez883367d ago

to be fair guys, i remember seeing a vid on the PS channel recently for borderlands 2 GOTY edition that used footage from the xbox version. the buttons were blurred out.

mcstorm3366d ago

Really this is nothing new. Ive seen lots of reviewers talking about a game on one console but the video is for another. BF3 was one of them. Really nothing getting worked up about.

Ritsujun3366d ago

The top-notch clown of the videogame industry.

Ratty3366d ago

@SeriousSam Showing PC footage is one thing. Showing footage of the game running on the competitor's machine is quite another.

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GarrusVakarian3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

"Microsoft attempted to cover up the symbols by blurring them out. You can see that screenshot below as well".

Wow. That's a sneaky, low tactic. Not surprising from MS to be honest.

pyramidshead3367d ago

The Xbox version must be not looking so hot lol

Best kind of flattery though I suppose, they seem to love the PS4 version's of mulitplats even on their system xD.

Here's MS doing it again with rivals.

BrunoM3367d ago

Kinda funny how these is popping up for a few games ghosts rivals lol Linda funny


gawd man ms has lost their damn mind. i was a fool burning through 360 rrod and all their bs last gen. wtf was i thinking? i want them gone. trust issues, sorry

nightfallfilms3367d ago

Why don't you do a little research, if you did you would know Ubisoft made this video series. They are the ones who blacked out the buttons, and it seems they forgot one spot.

MWong3366d ago

I honestly don't get why M$ is doing this. Now I really want to see what the M$ footage looks like. I don't think UbiSoft has shown any footage of Watch Dogs on the XBone yet.

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AngelicIceDiamond3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Oh lord MS wtf is wrong with your version now that you gotta show Sony's, MS...

Getting me worried over here.

New lows everyday is what MS is achieving.

I wanna say "honest mistake" but yeah I dunno bout that.

Eonjay3367d ago

Achievement Unlocked: "A New Low" - Pass off a competition footage as your own. Requires Photoshop.

devwan3367d ago

AngelicIceDiamond, you wouldn't be the first to turn your back on them given the recent revelations compounding the previous 6 months of u-turns and half truths.

iiwii3367d ago


You just litterally made me lol.

iceman063367d ago

Mistake...YES...Honest...highl y doubt it because it would be the SECOND such "honest" mistake in a matter of a couple of weeks.

iceman063367d ago

Mistake??? Maybe. Honest??? I highly doubt it! It would be the SECOND "honest" mistake in a matter of a couple of weeks like this!

jessupj3367d ago

Considering they blurred out the PS4 control icons, I think it's safe to safe MS knew exactly what they were doing.

I know it's hard and I'm sure if you get an xbone you'll still have fun, but bubble up for not trying to dismiss this like a lot of people do and having the guts to admit MS stuffed up. Well done.

AngelicIceDiamond3367d ago

@Jess of course why wouldn't? I call it simply as I see it.

MS is pitiful here. Makes me wonder how crappy the X1 version will be to show Sony's version.

We gotta wait and see but I have a feeling X1 version will suffer hard.

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LOGICWINS3367d ago

YUP, I'm goin with the PS4. The Xbox One is no longer an option for me.

Sci0n3367d ago

holy smokes I watched logic wave his xbox flag for a long time on here and now hes jumping ships! welcome to the darkside my new playstation nation brother lol.

SniperControl3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Wow, serious?

You have always been so vocal against PS4 and pro X1.

Welcome to the Playstation fold dude.

abzdine3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

*spit my food reading this*

You win, flawless victory!
Welcome on board.

LOGICWINS3367d ago

Yeah, this is ridiculous. But I also realized that if I bought an XB1, I couldn't use my Pulse Headsets with it. Thats at least another 100 bucks for a new headset. Then I would have had to pay to make my XB1 controller rechargeable...another $25. All on top of a $500 console. It doesn't make sense to pay this much of a premium for a console that has weaker hardware and less long-term potential.

GW2123367d ago

Join the club.

I was an Xbox guy until about a week ago. While I don't think graphics are everything, the whole multiplat resolution issue was the last straw.

The bad news has continued to flow from the MS camp over the last week giving me confidence I've made the right choice.

LOGICWINS3367d ago

@DragonKnight- Nope, I'm picking up a PS4 next year. It's simply the better choice for me and will be the better option for many people out there.

Freedomland3367d ago


Welcome to the real gaming platform.

VonBraunschweigg3367d ago

A=X X=[] Y=▲ B=O

That's about it. No batteries.

MysticStrummer3367d ago

"I'm goin with the PS4. The Xbox One is no longer an option for me."

Of all the recent XB1 revelations this is the one that made you change your mind?

Magicite3367d ago

I dont see whyy would anybody disagree with you :D

LOGICWINS3367d ago

@Mystic- It was an accumulation of things. This was the last straw though.

johndoe112113367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )


Please note guys, from this point on anything you say in support of the ps4 will cause you to be labeled notorious 'sony fanboys' by supporters of the other console.

They will totally ignore the fact that you were actually supporting the xbox all along and have only now changed your mind due to the overwhelming evidence before you.

I applaud your abilities to think for yourselves and not be fooled by all the smoke and mirrors. this is not a win for sony or sony supporters, this is a win for common sense and your own wisdom.

isa_scout3367d ago

Holy!!!My mind just exploded,I think it's the end of the world...I cant say that you wont be missing out on a few good games by making the switch(Titanfall,Halo5, and...thats about it)but trust me buddy you'll forget about them soon enough.
Your journey toward the dark side is complete.
In all seriousness though welcome to playstation now all you gotta do is get your PS4 tat...We all got PS4 tattoos right guys?...Guys?

DigitalRaptor3367d ago

Ah Logic. You deserve kudos for living by your name. Can't say I believe you always have, but this is the right choice for any gamer.

BG115793367d ago

I know the feeling. I also jumped ship during E3. The DRM issue was just a too big deal to cope for me.

Kryptix3367d ago

I remember when Logic used to try to burn Playstation supporters and fanboys left and right and get a lot of disagrees for it. But it's good you're finally seeing what's been happening with Microsoft hiding the facts and never admitting that they have made many mistakes. Like a previous commentator has said, it's not a win for Sony or's a win for you and the future of the gaming industry. We have to stop putting up with all the lies and misdirection, we're not pawns in this, we're the consumer and we have to support what's right and gives more value for our money.

Irishguy953366d ago

He never burned 'playstation supports'. He burned Retarded fanboys. Massive difference between the two.

nosferatuzodd3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

oh my got we got the golden boy him self you sir are my hero you're always a tough guy who's very very smart Sony could use a guy like you on their Corporate team real talk no joke..

now back to the xbox argument i cant believe Microsoft go this low first killzone then need for speed now this damn no honor

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ALARM-clock3367d ago

Makes me wonder if the game was delayed because of Xbox One.

DragonKnight3367d ago

I would say that that's a distinct probability.