Next-gen consoles don't offer "anything that new" - Kixeye CEO

Will Harbin talks about Kixeye going mobile, and what new platforms mean to him

Kixeye has made a name for itself as a social game company for hardcore gamers, with titles like War Commander, Battle Pirates and Backyard Monsters. Kixeye stands out among Facebook companies not just because of the hardcore focus of its games, but by the high rate of monetization - Kixeye's games generate revenue per payer at 20 times the usual rate.

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sonic_boom2472d ago

I think this guy is right. The amount of cross-platform games alone is a telling sign.

This sums up my thoughts about the PS4, Xbox One:

Regis2472d ago

I have one thing to say WE CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!

WickedLester2472d ago

I don't disagree but you know what? I don't care! I don't need this upcoming generation to do "anything that new." I just want it to do what it's currently doing...BETTER!


i know there is nothing new yet. but giving developers more freedom to create is a plus. for example the ea ignite engine allows enviormental awareness for the character. its a start ya know. this last gen got stale quickly. we will see how this next one pans out, but im not expecting too much

ShinMaster2472d ago

Judging a console by its launch is foolish.
Did you write that baseless article?

sonic_boom2467d ago

Ironically, you summed up the point of the article in your first sentence.

2472d ago
staticdash222472d ago

Since this guy is an expert of "next gen"

Why don't you explain to some things that are next gen? Oh, and I would like to hear what anyone could come up with that can be considered new. That's the irony of this whole argument, most of the ppl saying it don't even know what next gen is themselves. They couldn't explain it to you face to face, or detail their thoughts. From a technical standpoint or gameplay. What is next gen gamemplay specifically? Not talking about trying something new. What is it? Unless you can come up with something better......please shush lol

BlueShirt77492472d ago

I agree, for now. Holding off on next gen for a while. Give me something I can't get now on my 360 or PS3 and then I'll jump in.


SirBradders2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

You can get:
1 better graphics and frame rate
2 incorporated recording
3 seamless multitasking between anything
4 more ergonomic controllers
5 remote play (ps4 only)
6 new and improved voice and body recognition (kinect and eye)
7 exclusive games
8 new social features
9 play as you download
10 usb 3.0
11 live streaming
12 better tv services (xbox mainly)
13 i can go on

To the disagrees, you all can't handle the truth!

@ matt yes i agree but for 350 quid you can't go wrong mate i own a very high end PC and yet i still see the benefit of a PS4 because all my real friends don't have time and money to be an elite.

mattdillahunty2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

everything you listed is either taking current-gen stuff and slightly improving on it (graphics, controllers, etc), or adding things like live streaming and multitasking that have been available on PC for years.

there's no real innovation in these new consoles.

*edit* ok, i'll give you remote play. that does seem like innovation afaik. and it's a pretty cool feature.

thrust2472d ago

Wii u does remote play better aswell!

And if people think it will work across the net they will have a shock

ShinMaster2472d ago (Edited 2472d ago )

@ mattdillahunty

This is about consoles. So most of what he said is true and new to next-gen consoles.

By your logic, there has never really been anything new or innovative about previous console generations so we shouldn't have bought those either. So think before you speak...or type.
It's all about the games.

@ thrust

Wii U's off TV play is limited to working in the same area as the Wii U console. How is that any better?

Ketzicorn2472d ago

Well both offer consoles with 8 gigs of Ram to work with compared to MBs worth(which they were creating great games with) so for console gaming yeah they do offer new possibilities.

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