New 2TB laptop HDD from Seagate small enough to fit PS4.

Seagate recently released a new 2TB HDD, only that this time its the smallest 2TB HDD currently in existence. Its small enough to fit a PS4 and a laptop

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cleft53004d ago

With all the free games we will get from PS+, that is just the right amount of space.

darthv723004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

okay. honest question. Which is better to use for external purposes. A 2.5" hdd or a 3.5" hdd?

badz1493004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

2.5 any time of the day! smaller and does't need power supply.


I read about this yesterday and I was like "damn!" definitely gotta have this sucker...the sooner the better! PS+ is another thing, those game cache are huge...EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!

SniperControl3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )


I think Darth is taking the p155!

He/she is referencing the PS4's inability to have external HDD's.

However i do think a patch is incoming to fix that problem.

darthv723004d ago

@badz thanks. i have 2 external hdd's. one is a 3.5 500gb with its own power that i have hooked to a wii-u. the other is a 2.5 320gb that i use for other stuff but was considering switching it to the wii-u instead. then taking my bigger hdd and using it as a plug in for the ps4/xb1.

@sniper, i believe both will support external hdd at some point after launch.

ZodTheRipper3004d ago

This or a similar hard drive has high chances on ending up in my PS4, 2TB seem like the perfect size for a PS4.

pyramidshead3004d ago

Extremely fitting reply.+bubbs

May have to keep this bookmarked for when I need to set mine up for a bigger HDD.

mewhy323004d ago

Man thats awesome. 2 gig hdd if you want to upgrade your PS4. Just another example of Sony give players choices. I mean they didn't force the camera with their system, they didn't try to force DRM, they didn't try to force not sharing games, they didn't try to force always online, and now they're giving the gamer the choice of upgrading the hdd in their PS4. Wonder why Sony is winning????????? hmmmmmmmmm all for 100.00 less than the competitions weaker platform.

mikeslemonade3004d ago

500GB is enough. Y'all are just OCD about your storage. It's like do you really need a larger walk-in closet to function. The answer is NO.

Irishguy953004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Mikes lemonade, most games this gen where less than 9GB's, 80GB's where not enough, not nearly enough.

Most games next gen will be 40-50GBs. A 500GB harddrive will just not be enough. I had delete my entire harddrive to download Uncharted 3 on Ps3. The whole ****ing thing. Next gen needs 1-2 TBs imo

Groo3004d ago


you don't always need toilet paper to use the toliet either, but its nice to have it when you need it

Bobby Kotex3004d ago

On day one I'll be downloading Resogun, Flower, fl0w, and Contrast for free, and Buying Killzone on PSN. I definitely see my hard drive filling up fast.

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AuToFiRE3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Not really. My Deskie has 6TB and Im upgrading to 16TB soon

ZodTheRipper3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

What for? Are you from the future?

My whole music, photo, video, games and porn collection would fit into that. 2TB are more than enough for a games console.

morganfell3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Then you will just be getting close to me with 16TB - and that is just my SansDigital Tower alone with 16TB. My PC has 3 X 3TB and 1 X 4TB - dropping in the 3rd 3TB and the 4TB in the next couple of hours.

AuToFiRE3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

@Zod I download a lot of movies and msuci, plus anime, and at least 150 games on Steam right now. Yeah I only have 1 and 2TB drives, they are starting to go bad and its time to go bigger lol

araman3004d ago

Why do you need to have all your Steam games installed at once? You don't play them all, don't lie.

webeblazing3004d ago

That's because redownloading is a pain especially if your IP provider jack up your bill for downloading too much stuff.

saladthieves3004d ago

This is about how the new 2TB HDD from Seagate can fit inside a PS4, now about how much space you have.

Personally this is a win for consumers. This ability to freely upgrade a HDD, especially seeing how space hungry next gen is, is a huge advantage over the competition.

Bobby Kotex3004d ago

Not everyone needs to collect porn like you do.

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gamingisnotacrime3004d ago

it may look like alot, down the road will be the right size. two years ago i replaced my PS3 hard drive with a 500 Gb and thought it was over kill. Currently i have to keep deleting old games to keep space, due in part to PS+ which i like a lot

yeahokchief3004d ago


500gb certainly will not be enough on the ps4.

on the ps3 currently i'm already over 500gb with all the free ps+ games and my own stuff.

next gen games will take up as much as 50gb each game on launch and possibly more later.

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sigfredod3004d ago

Good news for all that want to upgrade their PS4 HDD!!, so far the most big in capacity that fit on the recomended size from Sony was 1.5 TB

Akuma2K3004d ago

I have my 1.5TB HD ready to go, it should be enough space for now.

Kingthrash3603004d ago

i might just get this later

Lboogieskells3004d ago

From my undertanding the rpm doesn't affect the read speed.

gaffyh3004d ago

It does, but not by too much. You're talking maybe shaving off 5 seconds of loading.

ethomaz3004d ago

It affects.

And write? 50GB installations :(

Guwapo773004d ago

@ gaffyh -

Is that 5 seconds off a 10 second load time? If so that is amazing. I'm waiting for someone to do the SSD tests. If it cuts the read time by 15-20%, that will be a massive upgrade.

KUV19773004d ago

I didn't really find any 7.400rpm notebook drives. I am still uncertain wether I go 1TB Hybrid or 2TB regular... damn... time is running out...

ipach3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

pretty sure your ps4 will still work while you decide ;) migrating your 500gb HD data to a new one isn't that complicated - you can do a clone using an enclosure pretty easily usually

5eriously3004d ago

Hybrid better response and performance, 2TB more space. Your choice!

KUV19773004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I know. Thanks to cloud saves I don't think I will actually need a clone. I will probably just re-download, but I would really like to switch the drive early on and be done with it. I really want faster performance AND more speed :). Will probably throw a coin or something... until it lands on hybrid...

Thehyph3004d ago

You may want to check if a 7200RPM HDD will have any temperature issues inside that small PS4 box.
A 5400 or SSD should be fine though.

KUV19773004d ago

I couldn't really find any 7.200RPM 2.5" drives anyway. SSD should run coolest but it's pretty pricey if you want to go big, so pure SSD is out of the question for me. It pretty much looks like 1TB Hybrid for me.

KUV19773004d ago

Thanx. Maybe I didn't find 7.200-drives because I wasn't looking under 1.5TB. If I am going 1TB I will definately go Hybrid.

ABizzel13004d ago

IMO space is more important than speed in this instance (you'll never hear me say that about a PC). My 500GB PS3 is already full, and with games getting bigger (50GB seems to be the new average), PS+ offering 2 free games per month on PS4 for at least 5 - 6 years means you can download at least 120 free games before we hear about a PS5, and keeping them on your HDD for remote play, requires a 2TB minimum in HDD space.

That being said the cheapest 2TB 2.5" HDD I've found runs for $170, so keep that in mind. $500 PS4 (PS+ / 1 Game) bundle + $170 = $670 right off the back. I'll keep checking though.

KUV19773004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

The problem is that 2TB drives are all 15mm in height (except the one from the article obviously). The drive from the article is not yet available... probably February, March 2014. So the highest available from the get go will be 1.5TB. And thus 1TB Hybrid gets interesting... Ah, well... maybe I will swap the drive in early 2014. Need to shell out a ton of money on end of November already anyway.

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JuniorCE3004d ago

ON Black Friday this HDD might have a great price right :-)

saikorican3004d ago

It's not being sold to the public right now so good luck finding it!