Sony's Virtual Reality Head Mountable Display system Patent.

New Sony Head Mountable Display system Patent appears online for what is sure to be the rumored PlayStation 4 Oculus Rift rival. The HMD will also use the PlayStation 4 Eye for Augmented Reality & motion tracking.

You can check out the patent drawing below.

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HelpfulGamer2997d ago

Sony's Virtual Reality Head Mountable Display Day One ! XD

hay2997d ago

Better wait for second or third revision. First Sony's HMD was pretty unconfortable, and managed to get second revision in around 6 months, which improved much.
Also it's worth to check the display type, and test personally for about one hour how it feels for you. Even OLEDs were damn straining.

Bolts-N-Rays11092997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Exciting times to be a gamer.

Rainstorm812997d ago

Thanks Oculus Rift for opening the door

hay2997d ago

Sony actually did HMD before Oculus Rift. Have one and don't find it much worse than Oculus(multiplatform benefit, and a bit improved design on the Oculus side).
Both simulate ~72" TV from about 3 meters, or around EyeMax experience. Image is good, wearing both produces slight discomfort.

I personally think it'll bomb as HMD bombed. Having screens burning your eyes from two inches away it's far from being good fun. Unless it somehow uses natural light, I fail to imagine this being used in longer periods than 30-60 minutes.

Don't get me wrong, I dreamed like crazy of VR for more than 20 years now. Until I experienced how the HMDs strains your eyes/brain...
Though HMD, driving wheel and a good racing simulator provides for some awesome driving experience. But try not to fall from your chair during solid drifts.

Jubez1872997d ago

This'll probably be as successful as 3D TV's and PS Move! Stop Sony, just stop. We wanna use controllers.

Idba2997d ago

Actually, this might be "the" big next thing, considering the praisee Oculusuu Rift has gotten

Rainstorm812997d ago

3D TVs aren't successful??

Why is it nearly every new model TV have 3D standard and majority of BluRays and Theatrical Films have 3D releases??

When did options become a bad thing??

Jubez1872997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

No one has a 3D Tv


And the fact that nintendo is making a 2DS because everyone turned the 3D mode off anyways

Kaze882997d ago

I think that nintendo did 2DS to make it cost less and sell more of the systems to kids.

Ive never been interested on 3D tv's and in the movies i always prefer 2D movies. But VR glasses like Oculus Rift really make games more immersive and differnt.

fOrlOnhOpe572997d ago

It will definitely get a lot of interest but Sony have to pitch it at an affordable attractive price if they are to make a serious go of it.

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