Sony Working with 13 Indian Developers to Deliver PS2 Content

The Angry Pixel reports: "Looks like Sony's partnership with Pyramid Saimira and Aurona Technologies was only just the beginning. Turns out, Sony's got themselves hooked up with a total of 13 Indian-based development studios… And they're all going to produce exclusive and budget-priced titles for the Playstation 2, aimed for both the local and international market. Some of which might even have Eye Toy support!"

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cloud360-7th_account4770d ago (Edited 4770d ago )

also if sony only concetrated on the ps3 and not ps2 e.t.c they wud be massively succesful. its obvious that once sony anbadones the ps2 its over for xbox2. my friend Yung Ho says so.

-Chin Tu Fat has spoken

heyheyhey4770d ago

would be better if they joined forces an made a decent PS3 game

or a few budget PS3 games, cause thats what the PS3 is lacking- i loved it when you could stroll into GAME and pick up a random afternoon waster for the PS2 for £7, come back and get half you money back

the games sucked, but at that price- who can argue, and the games were good in short bursts like that- just had to make sure not to play them for too long or you'd get annoyed with them

but yeah, i would like to see more budget games on the PS3

the closest thing we have to those type of quick afternoon waster games is Genji for £15 and Lair for £15

but i would like to see more for £10 and such

Tony240ZT4770d ago

PSN has some small games exactly like what you're describing.

Bladestar4770d ago

Indian developers... mmm... do you know why people in the US outsource some programming work to India? (I am guilty of doing this myself).... because with what you pay 1 american programmer you can be 10 in india.... also it depends on what you need done... don't expect these developers to be as good as ...mmm.. Epic, etc...

theKiller4770d ago

and they can bring something fresh and new games to the industry, they r good programmers! and india is the riches country in the world if not then one of the riches countries but they have missed up government and a weird culture(women have to pay to their husband if they wanna marry)
also they have many children! they r at 1 billion person living in india!!

xboxftw4770d ago


"india is the riches country in the world if not then one of the riches countries"

Seriously doubt it

"the finance minister said India's per capita income is now $800"

Iamback4770d ago (Edited 4770d ago )

Sony is the man. Awesome move.
F.cking BS thats what this site is. For no reason 3 bubbles at once? I mean if i racist or something like that it would be still to much.
This is pro xbox site, so obvious.

cloud360-7th_account4770d ago

it happen to me. some baskets have to much power

am guesing the moderator is a fanboy

GiantEnemyCrab4770d ago (Edited 4770d ago )


I can't believe you just said this site is Pro-Xbox!

This place is fishhead/$ony headquarters of the internet and the reason why it's a joke on any legitimate site.

Just by looking at your comments (of course you are a $ony fishhead) I can see you have 2 comments reported as offensive and a mod has deleted one of your comments just in the last 2 days. You lose bubbles for saying stupid sh!t and it looks like you do it often.

LeonSKennedy4Life4770d ago

I think it's great that they're supporting the little guy! That's how the Playstation took off. They supported Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and many other small-time studios...many of which went multi-platform later. (Sad, isn't it?)

cloud360-7th_account4770d ago

hardly any did. but maybe they wanted mroe money and mroe oppurtunities. they wud definatley develop for sony if they asked them to.

sony has the pwoer to make square enix make an ffvii remake

why dotn they, i dont understand. so many simple thigns can make it succesful, but they just dont do these thigns......

LeonSKennedy4Life4769d ago

Completely agree.

HERE YA GO SONY!!!!!!!!:

FFVII remake.

TV service.

Putting iTunes on PS3.

Installing any OS you want, EASILY.

Paying to make Dead Rising 2, DMC5, Crysis, Rainbow Six (Which I don't even like), a resurrected SSX series (they sucked after 3), and many countless others exclusive.

Funding a NEW department devoted to childrens' games and MAKE SURE they know how to do it.

Fund ANOTHER new department devoted to making Eye games.

Punch SCEJ in the FACE and make them help with the online connectivity that the Brits are basically doing themselves! (How else will HOME integrate well in Japan?)

Sign on Insomniac FULL TIME and give them complete creative control of the company...haha.

Make David Jaffe your PR guy!

Let Kaz Harai do his thing, but DON'T let him open his mouth.

Sign on the Geico ad creators...


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