Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Great, But a Rip-Off

From article: "A couple days ago, I wrote about how much I was enjoying Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. I'm still liking the game, and I've come to the conclusion that it controls and feels much better than Microsoft's own Forza racing sim. However, there's something I simply have to get off my chest. Prologue is a rip-off."

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Fishy Fingers3832d ago

Personally, I must have put well over 25 hours in GT5p (so far). That for me works out to about 60 pence an hour. Hardly a rip off in my eyes.

solar3832d ago

thats all that matters fishy. how much fun YOU had with it. :D

sonarus3832d ago

I don't know why every one is complaining. Sony isn't forcing anyone to buy. They came out and told you GT5 isn't out till summer instead of leaving fans to whine about not having sh!t for a whole other year they tossed us GT5. $40 is a very steep price for what it is offering compared to GT5 proper but i will gladly pay if it means enjoying a taste of GT5 and not waiting over a yr with nothing.

I am not even a GT fanatic as he says, i enjoy the game a lot thats all. If the game wasn't a yr away then it would be a rip off. Could they have offered it free, probably but then it would have probably been limited and a lot of ppl who wanted it wouldn't have been able to get it. Polyphony already gave away the prologue demo and HD concept looks like no one wants to pay for whatever it is they offer.

Time Lord3832d ago

I bought Heavenly sword and MANY other games for £40-50 and I clock it in less then 10 hours, but with GT5P, which I paid £20 for it, I play it almost daily since I bought it on 3-4 weeks ago.

QuackPot3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

We all know what the price is and what is being offered and what is coming. Many will choose to buy, many will choose to wait. Just like the rumble controller, you can buy it or not - nobody is forcing you to get it.

And if you buy it then say it's a rip off then you are... an idiot. And if you rent it and say it's a rip off then you even bigger idiot or a Hater.


Off topic

Demos normally have short gameplay and are very restricted in what you can do. They are sample of the final/COMPLETED PRODUCT. GT5 is far from complete. It's still roughly a year away.

Show me a DEMO that offers everything the GT Prologue offers. C'mon, show me.

This game is a PROLOGUE.....or introduction.... and gives a little insight to what is coming. And as it's not the final/complete game, it is priced accordingly.

yesah3832d ago

honestly, what is this guy complaining about. The title? im sure the company could have easily called this GT5, and the next one GT6. I mean to me at least 70 cars is alot. Really pessimistic of him, look at it like, we are getting a great deal in GT5 when it comes out. A glass half full

tweaker3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Exactly Fishy. I put more hours into this game than some games that retail 60 bucks. I'd take this over any other racing games on the PS3 anyday.

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yanikins1113832d ago

If this guy hasnt beaten every race in S class and unlocked every car, his full of crap. I think someone got a little cranky that he couldn't drive. There are a few things wrong with prologue, but it sure as hell aint a rip off.

thisguywithhair3832d ago

So your saying that because he is not perfect he has no opinion?

CViper3832d ago

You would have to be to give it such a review to where you quantify it being a rip off or not.

Thats like my little sister picking up a controller, sucking at the game, then saying its a rip off.

She is entitled to her opinion. Just like this guy is. But I've played the game over 40 hours now. Its pretty safe to say its the best 40 dollars ive spent in gaming this gen based on Time spent alone.

SIX3832d ago

I knew what I was getting into when I bought it so no regrets here.

No regrets = no rip off.

thisguywithhair3832d ago

I am not going to buy the demo, but if you feel that way than who cares what other people say.

hey hey hey3831d ago

i got this game and yes it was a major rip off $40 for a demo and the gameplay was not what i expected , other game i,ve played feel better to me lets home the finished product is vastly better than prologue cause if its not i wont buy it .

Tarasque3832d ago

No regrets either. Rented it from gamefly and sent it back the next morning. But i am glad people are digging it and getting use out of it. Cause i beat the s class in about 3 hours total time and i didn't really want to play it anymore. Tried online but to many connection issue's for me.

Fishy Fingers3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I'm pretty sure buying all the cars need to complete it world require more than 3 hours of actual racing even if you got first each time, just to build up the money. Guess not.... good game-age.

Proxy, we're not sarcastic are we?

Proxy3832d ago

That about 4 and a half minutes per race. Presuming you won every event on the first try, you'd still need to play a few times to get the cars needed. So you're probably going to have to cut that to about 3 minutes per race, and that's very fast for those tracks that are long with multiple laps. I'm also quite impressed that you were able to spend enough time online during those 3 hours to decide that you didn't like it.

At the rate you play, you'll probably be able to rent GT5 (full version) and finish it in about 5 hours. Truly incredible.

thisguywithhair3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Didn't he say he beat the S class. Cause you seem to think that he said that he beat the S class for every single car.

You people DO realise that you don't have to beat a game completely and totally to know that you like it, right?

Fishy Fingers3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Even so, to rent it and complete all the classes and get all the cars as thats whats needed to complete S class, in 1 night... and play online...


GamerMan3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Since you said Class A in 2-3 hours in this comment

Nice try though.

There is a lot to this game on top of the Class races there is also all the Dealer Events which are pretty tough when racing the same car. Luckily if you have made it to Class S you can quick tune your car with no PP restrictions :)

I feel the article is very opinionated and subjective. Obviously the value for 1 versus another is going to be different but to get Gold in every Class is a challenge including all the Dealership events.

The online portion I have had no lag when playing at anytime and am quite surprised how easy it is to join... although no private races is a negative to me.
About your issues with online must be with your router or ISP.

The nice thing about owning this version also is GTTV which I like and the fact that we will be privy to future updates as they want to try out their latest before GT5 is released. Which also can mean more cars and more tracks :)

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DFresh3832d ago

It's not a rip off it's an investment because it acts like a real game let me explain why.
1.) Events to earn credits to buy cars over 60.
2.) Online play w/ 16 players at once.
3.) Time Trial beat your own time on the race track in order to get more bonus points.
4.) Arcade mode to where you versus the computer for fun.
5.) Record yourself racing to show to all your friends.
For $40 and you get all of this it's a deal.
Obviously GT5 will be better from Prologue but this gives you a big taste of what to expect in the full game.
If you think these graphics are amazing just wait till the full GT5 game comes out in 2009.

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