GameDaily BIZ Reader Feedback: Why Sony Won't Lose Next-Gen

In the wake of posting an op-ed on Sony's prospects in the console race last week, we're still trying to dig our way out of the vast quantities of e-mail we received. We decided to post and respond to some of these letters. Read on...
Last week, we posted an editorial on some of the reasons for why we think that Sony will remain on top with the PlayStation 3. Unsurprisingly, immediately after posting it the flood of reader e-mail started coming in fast and furious. I think it's safe to say that this one op-ed produced more feedback from readers than almost anything we've posted in the past. There's no doubt than when it comes to the topic of "console wars" people can be very opinionated.

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Islandkiwi4457d ago

Sony may end up with the largest percentage of consoles sold, but in my mind Sony has already lost, simply because this question is being asked.

Personally I think that's a good thing. I'd rather have a competitive marketplace.

Arkham4456d ago

Interesting to read that GOW's Mad World trailer was created the same way as MGS's game engine-powered trailers/cut scenes. (MGS2-4 have all done this too):

From the article:
"I have seen the Gears of War ad/trailer and, better yet I've been able to play a little bit of Gears of War. I would not say that the trailer is totally representative of the game itself, even though it's using in-game assets. It's one thing to create a cool video with in-game assets, and it's another to have the same visual fidelity with everything going on at once (physics, AI, etc.). And no, it doesn't look better than that prerendered Killzone trailer, not even close. The point, however, is that games like Resistance do look about on par with Gears, which is considered by most to be the most visually striking 360 game yet."

marionz4455d ago

ahhh nah i dont think some people need glasses! take a close look at the textures in resistance, pretty damn ugly for a game that takes up so much space on a bluray disc