What's New In Fable Anniversary?

Lionhead's upcoming Fable Anniversary is being designed with two audiences in mind. First, the game marks the first time the original Fable (and its Lost Chapters content) is available natively to the Xbox 360 – giving fans who jumped aboard with Fable II a chance to see where it all started. The game's also been revamped to give veterans a reason to go back to the game a decade later.

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KrisButtar3381d ago

Fable is one of my favorite games of all time

NukaCola3381d ago

Way too short sadly but still one of my favorite role playing games. Sequels never lived up to the original.

bohemian 233380d ago

Agree with both of you, they had something going with Fable, and just couldn't duplicate, and improve upon it with the sequels.