MK vs. DC Universe: Where is the love at?

From Destructoid:
"Fatalities and blood are very much a staple of Mortal Kombat games. To learn that they may not be a part of the next installment in the series is a major disappointment. However, I just can't see how that alone is going to change the overall enjoyment of the game. All things considered, there's no reason why MK vs. DCU can't melt your face off -- even if you are a gore-whore."

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MK_Red3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Aside from the fact that I'm not a Destructoid fan, I have to disagree with the writer of this article even though it's very reasonable and has many good points.

MK was BORN to be M rated and FATALITIES are an essential part of Mortal Kombat IMO. Without them, the final game can be anything, it can even be a great fighting BUT definitly NOT Mortal Kombat game.

PR0NE3833d ago

totally agree... Midway is destroying the mortal kombat ip with their stupid ideas, i know for sure that i'll pass on this one..

MK_Red3833d ago

Seriously, two attacks on a franchise at once? First imposing of the DC and then a forced T rating? With no fatality?

Unless the "spectacular" finishers that Boon promised are indeed spectactular and Joker and Doomsday are in the game, it's not a buy for me.
And I'm a person that bought all MK games as soon as they were out. (The only exception is MK:Special Forces and that game sucked so hard, even a MK nut like me couldn't stand it)

dsolomon8183833d ago

I was under the impression that "Mortal Kombat", was based on "mortal combat", which is a fight to the death.. They're definately taking the franchise in a different direction and even though some of the fight modes will be very interesting and the game will probably be a blast, I think maybe they should change the name to Sunshine, Daisy, Wrestle in the snow Kombat"

MK_Red3833d ago

LOL, next game would be MK vs Smash Bros! Mario throws poisoned mushroom at Reptile!

But seriously, what's Mortal without Fatality?

dsolomon8183833d ago

TUTORIAL: if your opponent gets a paper cut, press up, up, left, forward to pass them a bandaid and peroxide before continuing the match

Grown Folks Talk3833d ago

Instead of Fatalities, they will be call Non Treatable Injuries. That doesn't sound as violent so they can fool everybody.

MK_Red3833d ago

lol, Good one.
Lets finish Superman and perform a Non Treatable Injuries. NTI!

dsolomon8183833d ago

While the announcement that the game will be designed for a T-rating may alienate some diehard MK fans, the decision to do so is intended to please the DC fans who may be less inclined to enjoy seeing Superman's insides spill out onto the floor. However, it has been confirmed that the game will include a finishing system similar to Fatalities which will feature less gore and less violence to ensure they stay within the Teen-rated boundaries.

well thats something.. maybe not all bad

MK_Red3833d ago

Well, Boon did say that there will be spectacular finishers and they are indeed game's redeeming factor if they can indeed be spectacular.