The GTA Online Stimulus Package Direct Deposit

R* writes: "Attention all Grand Theft Auto Online players, we have begun the Stimulus Package direct deposit into each of your in-game bank accounts. This GTA$500,000 deposit applies to all GTA Online players in the month of October 2013."

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xHeavYx1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Cool, I guess. Doesn't fix the issue that you get too little money for the missions. I'm level 57ish and I got $750, $500 and $1,000 mostly, even if I was playing with crew people.
Edit: Some people are saying they received 1.25 M, I hope I'm one of the lucky bastards.
Proof picture

01animeking1898d ago

that guy is lucky hopefully i get it

ExposingLames1898d ago

used to hate racing, and only did missions or survivals. Now I hate racing and I only race or just mess around in free mode.

They ruined it.

JunioRS1011898d ago

I just track shark the same race track until I'm good enough to win every time. That 1) makes me a lot of money, 2) unlocks all the car upgrades, and 3) doesn't require you to refill ammo or armor or spend any money at all, so it adds up pretty quickly.

Plus, I personally enjoy racing because I usually like to race around in free roam anyways.

Blacktric1898d ago

"Some people are saying they received 1.25 M"

It's like they don't even give a sh*t about their own game's "balance" anymore.

Skizelli1892d ago

Should they? It's not like it's an MMO. It doesn't have an economy, and the game never had any balance to begin with.

Omegasyde1898d ago

Yea its annoying. Or doing a long mission and run out of lives and receive jack sh##.

The harder missions need to pay out more than 5g.

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Playstationologist1898d ago

I'm good R*, glitched 10 mil. Please give my monies to others in need. Also muh xbl expires Friday and I'm not renewing since ps4 so won't play again.

Sincerely, PlayStationologist, PhD.

GentlemenRUs1898d ago

As long as you did it on the X360, I'm fine with it.

P.S. Welcome to the good side! Have a free pack of cookies!

T21897d ago

How about that xbl cancel huh ? I tried to take credit card offline nope , you must have c.c. to use xbl , what a scam I ****ing prepaid for a year . Phoned to complain , ended up cancelling on the spot

Nafon1897d ago

lolwut? I've never had a CC on my XBL account in the 7 years I've had it. Regardless, GTA V is the last console game i will ever buy.

Hartsy1898d ago

The things that are annoying me most are, Missions don't pay enough, body armor is useless, and moding a car is stupidly expensive.

Nafon1897d ago

weapon mods are way too expensive too.

KonsoruMasuta1898d ago

Finally, I'm tired of Rockstar delaying everything. We were supposed to have this, the DLC beach pack, the content creator, and heist by now.

They delayed it too much and now online is starting to get stale. I'll wait until we get what we were promised and if it doesn't improve then, I'm gone.

Hellsvacancy1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I bought Terraria today, TOTALLY surprised me how an oldskool looking game with very basic commands can be so much fun, I've just played it for 5 hours, I don't think i've even done anything lol, never the less i'm finding it very enjoyable, I like games that make me smile, feel happy

Unlike GTAO, a huge game that has got as fun as licking a sumo wrestlers armpit, I mean come on, GTAV has been out for a couple of months now and we're still playing the same boring missions with extremely low payouts, races that only have 3-6 other players (in my experience anyway)

I'd me happy if R* star added custom races, that's all I want

KonsoruMasuta1898d ago

We're supposed to be get the content creator soon. All I know is R* better hurry up. I'm losing my patience.

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