Ryse: Son of Rome Hands-On Preview – When in Rome, Fight Like Batman | GameFront

Ryse: Son of Rome has changed, thankfully, and isn’t the same game we saw at E3 2013. What at first seemed like QTE Rome: The Game has morphed in a few months into something more like Batman: Arkham Civitas.

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Convas1808d ago

Ryse: Son of Rome is going to be a deeply polarizing game, mark my words.

You'll have to come to your own conclusion.

After playing it at the Area One tour, I can say my hype has only increased. Can't wait to play the full game!

windblowsagain1808d ago

LMFAO at the title.

This game will get 3-4's. maybe even a 1. I can feel it.

Maxor1808d ago

This is probably the best title for a gaming article ever.

FITgamer1808d ago

It won't do that bad lol.

Saviour1808d ago

even those graphics will score 7+, but i hope gameplay is on par. hack and slash genre is always repetitive but hope they add some good combos.

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