Blacklight: Retribution and Trine 2 Confirmed as PS4 Launch Titles, Two Other Games Delayed

The PS4 launch lineup for the United States and Canada underwent a few changes recently, with some being very good, while others being not so good. - PSLS

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theRell1807d ago

And you sir win the internet.

PoSTedUP1807d ago

i guess im the only one kinda bummed about pinball arcade...? cmon someone back me up! i play everyday cross buy with vita, but now i can stream the high quality image of the ps4 graphics to my vita, its gonna be awesome! ..........? *crickets*


Campy da Camper1807d ago

Trine 2 is a fantastic game. Just played in on my WiiU. Will def buy the ps4 version. Its like little bigplanet meets the hobbit in a world created by thatgamecompany after the devs dropped a hit of LSD.

FamilyGuy1807d ago

Oh man, Trine 2 and black light > pinball anyway.
Not sure about tiny brains, haven't seen even one clip of what that game is so I'm not sure how big a deal that is.

Trine 2, definitely getting that though.

Rainstorm811807d ago

Id prefer Zen Pinball anyway

abzdine1806d ago

cool stuff, and notice that Blacklight is F2P!

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cell9891807d ago

Pinball!!! Nooo :( now I'll only have Killzone SF.. To play..

HammadTheBeast1807d ago

I guess you could make a pinball game with drones in Warzones if the physics work.....


aceitman1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

heads up by the way there should be some clarification on pinball arcade soon , I contacted someone that says its not true, so we will see. as far as he knows its day one.

PoSTedUP1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

awesome, thanks for the effort +1

aceitman1807d ago

and as far from tinybrains its delayed by a few days.
Tiny Brains, the highly anticipated co-op indie puzzler developed by Spearhead Games - Montreal, will now launch on PS4 on Nov 26. This gives gamers time to pick up additional PS4 controllers to experience the local, four-person co-op gameplay the creators intended. Look out for more info on Tiny Brains and its launch platforms soon, coming to PC and PS3 this holiday season.
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Unreal011807d ago

Does anyone have any news on Warframe? Is this a launch title? Because that game looks badass.

Enemy1807d ago

F2P launch title indeed. I want War Thunder already as well. Was really hoping it'd be a launch title.

HammadTheBeast1807d ago

War Thunder I'm looking forward to, especially if they can get tank and ground combat going.

memots1806d ago

Wat thunder is sweet dude. The gring is worth it, but there is ramming galore that kinda kills it for me. But that's the only downside , the visuals are great and the feeling of vertigo and openness is awesome.

ipach1807d ago

you can even go to the ps store now and 'buy' it for day 1...

Soldierone1807d ago

They delayed Pinball Arcade? Going Xbox One then,they now for sure have the better line up!


Pascalini1807d ago

Warframe is terrible I have it on pc

Enemy1807d ago

Not if you actually have friends to play with.

HaveAsandwich1807d ago

....aaaaand the disagrees pile up. it's not terrible.

CGI-Quality1807d ago

Something tells me you don't have it.

Thegamer411807d ago

I agree, its boring when I played it, but then I tried it with a few friends like it should be played.
I can honestly say its amazing especially for a F2P title.

Seafort1807d ago

Its not terrible but it does get very repetitive and is a real grind to get the weapons and classes you want.

I played it for a few months on PC. It was a pretty fun game and you definitely need to join a clan for the base building and research capabilities to get the most out of the game.

I would describe it as a short term game and something to play while you're waiting for other games to be release in the coming months.

Deathdeliverer1807d ago

Warframe is great to me and I've been playing for months. Doesn't mean that you have to like it. Different strokes for different folks. Terrible though.... In no scenario can I see that.

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ruefrak1807d ago

Well I have to say that I would rather see Blacklight and Trine 2 as launch titles than Tiny Brains and Pinball. I think it's a good trade.

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