World of Warcraft subscriptions dip to 7.6 million

GameZone writes, "World of Warcraft experienced a very slight dip in subscriptions, losing approximately 100,000 players during the third quarter, which ended September 30, 2013."

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ATiElite1859d ago

OMG the World is ENDING! run for the HILLS!

Wait $15 * 7,600,000 = $114,000,000 Million dollars a month that Blizzard makes from World Of Warcraft!

That's still $1,368,000,000 Billion potential dollars a year!

Not bad financial numbers for a game that is FAILING.

The MMORPG Genre has a long list of HIGH QUALITY titles and level 200000 (or whatever max level is) WoW gamers are just like "hey maybe I need to go check out some other games".

mediate-this1858d ago

There are better mmorpg's out there.