Here’s a Trick on How to Get a Xbox One or PS4 Near Launch if You Didn’t Pre-Order

If you didn't preorder a PS4 or Xbox One and now you're regretting it, there's still hope for you to get one near launch if you live in the US (or in a country with similar retail practices) here's a trick on how to bring that anticipated console home.

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Abriael1807d ago

lol, this is NOT an illegal method, silly :D

IcyEyes1807d ago

Sunday ...

hmm, I will try this method :D

Ps4Console1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Tough Luck .

Playstationologist1806d ago

Well, GTA v is probably the most played game of the last 2 months so I'm sure many people have an idea or two on how to obtain a launch system.

Obviously steal a car, run them down and get out to collect the goods. Repeat until you have 10 million and then freeze up and restart.

KwietStorm1806d ago

Or sell the car to a mechanic, drive outside the shop, sell it to him again, drive out the shop, sell it to him again...

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FullmetalRoyale1807d ago

My friend just wouldn't listen when I told him to pre-order back in June.

Poor, poor fool.


-wub-1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Same thing with my brother lol, i payed off my PS4 the day after E3.

Captain Qwark 91807d ago

you can buy my preorder for $25.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just want my money back, ive decided to wait. i dont feel like dealing with launch issues, march will be my time

dcj05241807d ago

Me and you need to talk.

I_am_Batman1807d ago

Which console did you preorder?

tanis_halfelven1807d ago

my 26 dollars (yes 26) will do my talking for me

stellarock4201806d ago

you cant resell a pre order ur name is on it and they may ask for id also if u go in to the store they will refund you

Captain Qwark 91806d ago

i pre-orded the x1 and sure i can as long as yo live close to me, id just go get it with you...that said, if your not from buffalo ny, prob not gonna work lol

wishingW3L1806d ago

I cancelled my pre-order too. I might pick one up around E3 of next-year.

Same as you I don't want to deal with launch issues. I don't want to wait for Gaikai, MP3, and capture card support. On top of it many games were delayed like Drivecblub, Watch Dogs and The Crew.

Captain Qwark 91806d ago

yup, i already know certain apps prob wont work, hardware issues will arise as they always do on the first round, once you finish the launch titles a dry period with no games will likely come around. pretty much the usual and rather than get a headache over it like the last couple consoles i got on launch, have to call about warranties, etc. im just going to wait.

plus the current gen still has so many good games i want to play. Batman, AC4, wwe 14, GTA V, FFX13, FFX13-2, Lighting Returns, Tales of vespiria, and Dark souls 2. When i have finished all of those, then i will pick up the next gen consoles.

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Sitdown1807d ago

Haha.... this is not a trick.

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The story is too old to be commented.