DriveClub’s New Trailer Asks to “Drive Together, Win Together”

GamingBolt writes:DriveClub was delayed till early 2014, but Evolution is taking the time to improve the visuals going forward. For those who only care about realistic racing and good-looking cars, the trailer has loads of that as well.

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FamilyGuy1859d ago

Two DriveClub trailers came out today, that BMW one and this one. The game is looking great!

Pintheshadows1859d ago

The environments are stunning. I can foresee many crashes due to staring at mountain ranges.

LackTrue4K1859d ago

very very true!!! it's like im really driving up into the mountains in the background!!! it's just jaw dropping!!! reminds me of the old days when i first played Automobili Lamborghini on the N64 for the first time....

Red_Devilz1859d ago

For the first few rounds, I think I'll just stop car in the middle of the race to enjoy scenery :) Super Hyped :D

Enemy1859d ago

My god, those environments are damn gorgeous, especially when they're transitioning into night. The dynamic lighting, the shadow casts, the ridiculous detail inside the cars, the reflections. They keep posting on their Facebook that they've making improvements every week.

Pintheshadows1859d ago

Wow, now that is an improvement. Very impressed and I thought it looked good anyway.

beepbopadoobop1858d ago

Agreed! I havent been watching any vids or looking at pics of this game for a while as I kind of lost interest when I thought it looked a bit too arcadey for me but holy sheet thats a massive improvement since I last seen it!! Its deffinitely back on my radar now!

N4GCB1859d ago

I hope we get to fully design our team decals.

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