NerdBite: Call of Duty: Ghosts Review – Time to put an old dog down…

NerdBite: Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Looks like the end of an era has finally come calling… Earlier this week Ghosts became the tenth title in quite possibly the most successful video games series of all time, but with diminishing returns and a tired look in its eyes, has Call of Duty: Ghosts exceeded everyone’s expectations? Not by a long shot.

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Majin-vegeta1859d ago

About damn time people started calling this crap out.

HammadTheBeast1859d ago

All the small/medium sites are giving it 7 or less, but IGN and Gamespot still giving it AN 8.9 and 8 WTF.

8.9 is near masterpiece. IGN SHREDS other games for having a similar formula to the last, yet praises CoD for doing it.

brodychet1859d ago

it's almost as if.. they aren't credible whatsoever? It's almost like.. they're completely biased regardless of the product.

I'm sure they were probably payed to give the review a 9 or 10. But were like "Nah people will know. It's too obvious. Take the safe route; 8.9"


Akira20201859d ago

IGN and the other larger review sites give high scores to these games because of all the exclusives and perks they get from companies like Activision and EA.

Once the smaller gaming sites start taking precedent, Activision and EA will start sending them invites, early releases, and collector editions.

It's just like a small "Q-Bert" kinda way.

IVanSpinal1859d ago

i cant believe how bad is Ghosts
MW2 was the last good COD

IRON883 1859d ago

Don't recall which review it was but they said ghosts plays like mw2???

Ghosts1859d ago

The game look for real,

310dodo1859d ago

Read the review. Feel the score is about right.
considering hes using a 5 point scale.
almost a "3" though I do feel on this scale Id myself go

3.7 with Ghost so far on a 5 point scale.
Multiplayer is really fun, but lag is awful at times.