Some Loyal Fans Unhappy Over Free Killer Instinct

An example of the high level of entitlement in modern gaming, or just a few whiners throwing their toys out of the pram? By rewarding just some of their most loyal customers, and not fully revealing why some are being chosen for a free copy of Killer Instinct and others aren't, several have been left questioning why Microsoft have given them nothing for their constant support.

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ZodTheRipper1808d ago

Am I the only one who thinks that only very few people got a X1 console or game for free and this is more of a marketing campaign to improve Microsofts image?

zeal0us1808d ago

Of course its a marketing campaign. Though MS marketing team should done a better job tbh. Now right before launch they will have a bunch of gamers complaining about not getting their free game.

Godmars2901808d ago

Didn't they largely do the exact same thing with the 360 and its launch, give away the new systems to a select few with Gold accounts?

HammadTheBeast1808d ago

They gave 360's to all 9 people who actually used the Gold membership on the original Xbox.

Mystogan1808d ago

I don't know how many people got it. But I saw at least 5 people who got the X1 on reddit. And a lot more who got Killer Instinct.

so I don't think they are very few. Maybe 500 X1s and 1000 killer instinct or something? But who cares its a give away. I never win anything. I would be extremely shocked if I got killer instinct.

Belking1808d ago

blah...blah..blah....gamers are always complaining or is it just journalist try to make up stories about anything.

True_Samurai1808d ago

My xbl gold hasn't expired since 2005 am I not loyal enough?

BLAKHOODe1808d ago

LOL @ the disagrees!

As much hate as Xbox One gets, how many of you that are disagreeing are even getting the Xbox One at launch?

omi25p1808d ago

whats you're gamerscore?

Godmars2901808d ago

Think you're getting disagrees out of outright jealousy rather than fanboy hate. The possibly that you're rubbing it in people's faces.

BTW: Congratulations :p

Eonjay1808d ago

Congrats. I think people are probably upset because they want it too... for free.

HammadTheBeast1808d ago

Congrats man! Even if you don't like the X1, that's still $500.

And if you do like it, you just saved $500.

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sAVAge_bEaST1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

If you have not pre-ordered an xbone. you have been chosen.

If you were dumb enough to pre-order. Sorry Charlie.

Giru0171808d ago

Exactly XDD
This is how this marketing campaign is working, but it's pissing off the loyal fanbase more than it's getting new xbox buyers it seems

sAVAge_bEaST1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Rightfully so.. It should piss of the loyal fan base.. and make them go hmmm?!

That is one shiesty a$$ move.

HammadTheBeast1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

So the main difference between this and Taco Bell PS4 is the "loyalty" involved?

Basically shows that MS need to fire this marketing team and get a new one soon before launch goes up in flames.

Giru0171807d ago

Pretty much. People can deal with "random sorting" and dumb luck of the draw much better than feeling that some people got something for X reason for which they'd technically also qualify.

BLAKHOODe1808d ago

I pre-ordered and I got selected.

Giru0171808d ago

It's more rhetorical than anything else BLAKHOODe. Of course MS can't know if you've pre-ordered a XBone just of your gamertag, since it could be in a store, amazon, ebay, etc.

The "joke" here is that there's no clear pattern for the selection, however, with the word LOYALTY thrown in there, it's getting on a lot of people's bad side.

Giru0171808d ago

The idea here is, of course, that someone is more likely to get a console if they know they have a free game for it already... But this campaign pulls all the wrong notes. You can't just give it out randomly to some people (many who will STILL not get a Xbone) and expect others (who do plan to get the console) to not complain when their longer Xbox Live stay, higher gamer tag and intention to get the next console doesn't net them the free game that Johnny over there doesn't even want.

Just make it free (like so many psn+ games) to players carrying over their xbox live gamer tag from 360 to xbone. Problem solved.

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