Image Showing Notable Graphical Improvments In the Latest MGS4 Trailer

Kojima Productions surprised us with the Latest MGS4 trailer that showed notable Graphical Improvements.

Click the link to see the image.

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Greysturm4926d ago

Since the Mgs camp that journalist were taken too so its been in polishing face since then which obiously improves the quality of the graphics and it still has a month more of polishing to go through.

gtgcoolkid4926d ago

the game is complete and i think the leftover months they are putting in the final touches. can't wait for this game.

i hope they also make the sound and the use of dual shock 3 perfect too.

sonarus4926d ago

These pics still don't do this game justice

Sev4926d ago

I noticed that when I first seen the new MGS4 trailer.
Everything looked notably better. It really showed in the graveyard scenes.

meepmoopmeep4926d ago

they're most likely going to use the next few weeks to polish up minor detail (not that it even needs any by the looks of the trailers and shots) i like the before and after image this showed. wow, so much more detail was added. and i like Meryl's new hair. it's more modern.

DRUDOG4926d ago

I'm so happy they fixed Meryl's hair, it was bugging the sh!t outta me the way it was sticking out stiffly straight back.

That was a nice montage of "before and after" comparisons. I thought I noticed a difference, but I was too busy staring and waiting to see some new footage. Nothing really until the end.

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eagle214926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

I am most impressed with the tech innovation characters like the Bosses "The Beauty and the Beast Unit" (all four of them are women who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (wikipedia) and Snake's little side kick robot. Freakin' Badass!!!! :)

Fishy Fingers4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

Every screen or video we have official been shown is taken from what will now be an 8 month old build. It's going to be damn pretty come release day.

Some of those screens definitely show a marked improvement. Cant wait for MGO tomorrow :)

Better be tomorrow!

fenderputty4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

You hear me? lol

<<<still pissed at himself for not getting the pre-order due to excessive laziness. Talk about shooting ones self in the foot.

Fishy Fingers4926d ago

What region are you? Troll the forums, find one man!

fenderputty4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

Los Angeles of Souther California in the US. Is there still a chance that I can get one? How would I do it? I want to pre-order anyway.

Fishy Fingers4926d ago

I'm UK so I just got it off the PSN.

But go to your local store tomorrow and ask. I'm pretty sure you can still get in :)

clevernickname4926d ago

Pre-order? Why, when you can just walk in to any Wal-Mart, Target, Bestbuy, Circuit City or similar store on release day and buy a copy.

Pre-ordering is for people with more money than sense.

DRUDOG4926d ago

Gamecrazy here in CO still had a bunch of beta copies. If you can track someplace down that still has copies there really isn't any reason why you couldn't still get in. Better hurry though, cause now you've got two patches to d/l...

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Statix4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )


But, this seems more of a downgrade than an improvement, going by that picture. The character models and faces seem more artificial (fewer polygons), and the post-processing effects/HDR has been toned down, from what I can tell.

Also, it's VERY UNFAIR comparison, because the screencaps from the first trailers are very blurry, making the textures look worse than they really did.

There's also a LOT less polygonal and environmentaldetail in the background of the Raiden picture.


xaphanze4926d ago

They do look better there's no doubt about that.

dsolomon8184926d ago

umm.. you know left was old pic and right was new pic don't you? As for effects, if you're referring to the glare that almost totally obscures the top pic, i'm glad that's gone.

Statix4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

No, they don't look better. They SEEM to look better at first, because the screencaps of the first trailers are very blurry and low quality. This is a really, really unfair comparison. Someone needs to take HIGH-DEF screencaps of the old trailers, to make a fair comparison.

Still, I'm a graphics whore who is really acute when it comes to picking out graphical fidelity, and to my eyes, this looks like a downgrade. Which does occur quite frequently in the videogame industry. Games get downgraded all the time, and it's usually typical that they get downgraded from the early trailers/tech demos, as the developers start working with finalized hardware and devkits that didn't meet their expectations for how powerful the system was going to be. Don't act like downgrades never occur, because they occur quite frequently in reality.

Did you guys know that there's talk about MGS4 possibly being 576p in the Beyond3D forums? That's an example of a downgrade for you.

lsujester4926d ago

Downgrade? How on earth do you get that from looking at those pictures? There's much more detail on every object. And the lighting, while definitely turned down, looks much more realistic than the hardcore light bloom that made the previews look like an acid dream.

LevDog4926d ago

You must be a 360 fan.. you would like those washed out pics on the left.. Those washed out pics look like GOW.. No textures.. No color.. No detail..

The ones on the right look more real.. Theres more color better detail and crap load more textures..

360 fans love that washed out look

xaphanze4926d ago

I've never seen a game's graphics going from good to bad and this won't be the first time.I'm sure they're upgraded, but you just can't notice because the screen are low res and small.

Statix4926d ago

You people are all simply looking at the fact that the newer screenshots are SHARPER. That's because the OLD screenshots are BLURRY and LOW QUALITY, which makes the old trailers look worse than they really did. This is at best a very flawed and biased comparison. Let's at least be OBJECTIVE now, and wait for a better quality screenshots comparison, and a better quality version of the new trailer.

What's wrong with having a little OBEJCTIVITY for once, instead of having a typical knee-jerk fanboy reaction?

okcomputer4926d ago

You'd have to be blind not to see that as an improvement.. seriously. Just look at the wrinkles on the old man's face, or meryl's hair going from blocky to more layered and textured. Those pics are obvious upgrades

jackdoe4926d ago

The screens aren't blurry. The blurred look is merely the result of oversaturation, used to extreme abundance for the E306 trailer and done away with.

Statix4926d ago

They only appear to have fewer wrinkles on their faces because of the HDR and bloom effects slightly obscuring the facial wrinkles. Otherwise, the first set of screens show much more realistic looking faces. Much more natural, like real people almost. The newer character models look more like videogames.

Just take a look at the Otacon picture. He looks way more like a real human being than in the newer version.

sonarus4926d ago

Just download the trailer and you will see for yourself the improvements. The youtube trailer looks like crap.

These pics don't do the game justice.

lsujester4926d ago

I could care less about the fact that these pics are blurred some.. I'm just looking at the new shots and seeing that there is more detail than in the ones I've been looking at over the last few months, and the fact that the lighting has been changed.

It's still an improvement, if you don't think so, go back and look at the different trailers and screenshots that have came out over the months. Instead of trying to prove everyone wrong and say there are no improvements because these are doctored shots, just go look for yourself. While it's not leaps and bounds better, it's still tightened up.

SUP3R4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

Actually looking at Raiden and Big Mama's images.
I prefer the old ones, they look a lot more full and realistic than the new ones.
You can see Raiden's face clearly in the old image while in the new one it doesn't look as clean and clear.

Big Mama's old look was a lot more round and plush, while in the new one her face looks longer and not as pleasant.
Also, if you look at her jacket you can see they've decreased the detail. The foam squares in the old version pops out and the stitching is highly visible while in the new one it's flat and less detailed.

Noticed another one.
Look at Naomi's nails in the last pic.
In the image on the right her nails are very detailed and crisp compared to the new one.

However, the cemetery screens all the new ones look better than the old ones, so I guess it's fair trade in one way or another.


Just watched the HQ version. It looks better in motion and gives a edgier tone to the game compared to the old trailer, so thumbs up. ^_^

lib94926d ago

Statix is right in some ways, some aspects look better, some feel downgraded, Otacon's picture is the best example, the background looks beautiful, yet otacon looks really fake, i think the first pictures look like a total improvement, well, I guess we need HD versions to really compare.

DRUDOG4926d ago

Bloom sucks when overused and usually it's a crutch for dev's who have something to hide.

ciid4925d ago

what side do you think is the new one?

old: right side
new: left side

because all of the effects you appear to be describing from the "old" one are actually the effects and layers added to the new one. even look at the last picture where it is circled, clearly the left side illustrates the bump.

And really I like the new ones better than the old, sure not as clear but the mood is much more apparent.

DRUDOG4925d ago


I might just be reading your post wrong, but are you kidding?!? The older shots are on the left side of the comparisons. If you truly think it's the opposite I suggest you go find the old video (last one released before yesterday's Japanese version) and watch closely. The shots running down the right side are what was taken from yesterday's vid and clearly have much more detail than before. Just go back and look at the shot comparing Otacon in the graveyard in front of the heli or the shot in the Middle East showing the heli flying off with smoke and buildings. Not even close...

snakeater34925d ago

there isnt much of a difference here , just a tinkering of saturation, bloom, colour focus and the like....honestly, i prefer the left pics, especially raidens eyes being so darn scary !

supahbad4925d ago

yeah because im sure they used these extra months to make worse graphics. common sense please

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