PROJECT NANO (aka BLUEPRINT) from Epic Games Leaked?

Washington DC, year 2043 in a future that shares elements with other Sci-Fi products. This premise should be enough to present “PROJECT NANO”, a game internally called “Blueprint” by Epic Games.

This title could be the new upcoming franchise from Epic, creators of Gears of War & Unreal.

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FITgamer1811d ago

The artwork is really cool, hope to see more soon.

Kayant1811d ago (Edited 1811d ago )

Hopefully on the 14 at the playstation event :) The clues are there.

Xandet1811d ago

Considering how much Mark Rein has been hyping the 11/14 Sony event, it wouldn't shock me to see this game officially revealed there with exclusivity of some sort in tow. It's hard to argue that a partnership with Epic would be a monstrous victory for Sony after the impact Gears had on the Xbox community and gaming world as a whole "last" gen.

FungalPsychosis1811d ago

There's been rumors going around that it'll be shown at the Playstation Spike Event on the 14th. Hopefully those are true

Viking_Socrates1811d ago

Will it be coming to the PS4? Hopefully.