Preview: Xbox One is promising and Ryse is a great game | Canada

Ryse: Son of Rome definitely doesn't suck and might end up being the Xbox One’s big system-selling launch title..

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B-radical1807d ago

Alot of mixed previews on this game...hoping for good reviews is first game I'll prob get

ThunderSpark1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

They had to search deep and hard for this article because I'm hearing the complete opposite about both the Xbox one and Ryse.

@ B-radical:
I'm actually a Xbox fan, but i'm not going to pretend like I'm liking what I'm seeing. You are not bettering the Xbox by accepting all it's inadequacies. By doing that, you're just being a blind fanboy. If you want Xbox to get better, take off your goggles.

B-radical1807d ago

You got proof they had to search deep and hard? Shooosh chootz all your recent comments show nothing but negativity to the Xbox brand, just grow a pair enjoy your ps4 and stop living under a bridge.

B-radical1807d ago

Fanboy really mate? Guess that's why I mostly game on PC then consoles.....but yup if you say I'm a fanboy I guess who its true I go from ps4 to ps4 article dissing it...oh wait no I don't...maybe I'm not a fanboy?

Go get a girlfriend or something.....

kiz26941807d ago

Im with you whathappened, Ryse got completely murdered today by loads of websites, this is literally the only one i have found with slight positively behind the game

Belking1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

wow! some nerve you inadequacies?You gotta be kidding. xbox-one may not be perfect but don't act like the competition is any better.

All he said was he was hoping for good reviews and you tell him to take off the goggles? All you did was reveal that you really don't like xbox, just like a lot of people pretend to do to cover up the fact that they never intended on buying it anyway. You got the nerve to mention inadequacies too...SMh

gamer20131807d ago

There are many people in the gaming news industry that have played Ryse and enjoyed it completely. So because someone at Gaming Informer hated it that negates everyone else's opinion?

I don't care if you're a fan of Xbox that doesn't hold any weight with me buddy, especially here on N4G where I'm almost certain the term "fakeboy" originated from.

JokesOnYou1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I was kind of put off by a couple of those early previews today but then I watched this full gameplay trailer and I love the combat....only part I can agree with the previews on since I haven't played it is that it will probably get boring/repetitive but I guess that depends on how you play too.....AC is repetitive to me but still great, Batman AA was repetitive but still great, I think that is true for almost every hack n slash still is a question of how much and is it annoying to the player because of it? The last hack n slash I thoroughly enjoyed the combat from begining to end without ever feeling it was repetitive was Bayonetta, maybe because the combat is so fast and the attacks were so freakin sweet, I mean except for the subpar weird story that was literally one of the best hack n slash games ever imo, very under rated game. OT Now again I just see Ryse now as a game I have to play for myself because everytime I see more of the sp in action I like what I see:

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AngelicIceDiamond1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I can honestly see this game getting an 7.00 on average. Possibly even a 8.00

the graphics are gonna be what the majority of the high score is about. That and the different stylized executions.

I can't see 8.5's or 9.00's with this title, at least not in the first installemnt. There is ton of potential for a sequel and Crytek can really nail the combat as well as AI count (Alleged Xbox Live Cloud compute)

This particular can only get better from here on out.

Dlacy13g1807d ago

Based on what we have seen from all the outlets after the preview I would agree with you. I think this game is going to fall into the 7-8 range on average. Some will go higher, some will go lower but overall its good, not great scores but also not horrible.

AngelicIceDiamond1807d ago

I mean't to say "This particular Ip can only get better from here on out."

@Lace I agree. Like I said the graphics and animation are literally spot on but the gameplay will get knocked heavily by most outlets. This game has huge potential.

If there is ever is a sequel in the works I believe Crytek can have a more intimate relationship with the combat.

Considering this was a full Kinect game on 360 first at one point.

I'd say job well done.

creeping judas1807d ago

I wish all that gladiator stuff interested me, but sadly it doesn't. Hopefully there will be a demo, so I can try it out, and then decide if I want to play the full game or not.

rela82me1807d ago

Confirmed no demo sorry.

GirlOnFire1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

System seller? No it looks like an $15 Games of Throne game. IMHO. I hope its worth the price.

thrust1807d ago

Ryse is the best looking game next gen IMO :)

Dunno what you are seeing , should have gone to spec savers!

Lovable1807d ago

good thing everyone has opinion right thrust?

GirlOnFire1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I think so too. On Xbox One. Hope MS doesn't 180 anything else like the free music I read about. ^~^ Happy Gaming! I'll be getting it later when I get One.

HammadTheBeast1806d ago

IMO Killzone and Infamous look better. Killer Instinct to an extent as well. But as you said, opinions.

HammadTheBeast1806d ago

O... I hope you aren't insulting Game of Thrones....

MrCastle1807d ago

From the gameplay footage I saw, it looked great. Nothing groundbreaking, but still a worthy title.

Wikkid6661807d ago

Hack and slash games are a love'em or hate'em.

mightyhokie1807d ago

I agree. Like love it or it bores the hell out of you. I loved it to death. However I think Ryse's issue is that people didn't really expect a hack-n-slash. I didn't. I have it preordered. I've read a few things about the game now and it seems beautiful but less than stellar gameplay. So I think I'll change my preorder to Dead Rising 3. Maybe I'll wait until the actual reviews come out instead of just previews.

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