Crytek Dev calls Tweet 'Boneheaded'

After a couple of weeks of silence, we're finally hearing from people who worked at Crytek, the game development studio where more than 11,500 dinners were proudly served to "crunching" developers. Two people on the game are saying that Crytek is a pretty good place to work, despite a recent controverisal Tweet about those dinners sent out to hype their Xbox One launch game Ryse.

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HammadTheBeast1807d ago

lol. I hoped those dinners looked good.

nukeitall1806d ago

It is amazing that these companies keep their employees passionate and motivated. As a business owner, it is extremely hard, especially with front line workers.

They just want to stand their, kill time and collect their paycheck.

Wish every employee had to be a business owner at one time first, before becoming an employee!

1nsomniac1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Bullshit man! it's your job to make your employees enjoy working there.

I work for a company that has a morale & working attitude like these big gaming companies, where we dont believe in hierarchy, we dont belive in power trips & everyone should casually help each other out when we can & want to.

Needless to say everyone loves their jobs & everyone works the extra mile without asking for anything extra in return.

The problem is there's to many business owners that have no idea how to run a business but in all fairness its the education system that's messed up & teaches us the wrong way to go about things & how to deal with people!

Pay your employees enough & show trust & conviction in them & they will respond positively. Its as simple as that!

nukeitall1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )


"Bullshit! it's your job to make your employees enjoy working there."

That is the ideal situation, but is far from reality. Remember, I said front line workers.

This isn't MS or Google where you can afford to serve your employees massages or hire in best chefs to create free food for all.

MY MAIN JOB IS TO MAKE THE BUSINESS WORK and one way of doing that is to retain employees by making it an enjoyable and fun place to work at. I definitely support that idea, but also support the idea that employees should share in the company's up and down swings.

"I work for a company that has a morale & working attitude like these big gaming companies, where we dont believe in hierarchy, we dont belive in power trips & everyone should casually help other out."

That is nice, but ask the front line workers if they get the same?

Point being, if you are educated engineer likely in the US, you will be treated like nobody else. I know, cause I am!

However, as a business owner that has employees that are usually lowest of the lowest, with little education it is a different situation entirely.

That said, our employees are highly satisfied relative to others in the field. We constantly get people that worked at competitors places and want to move over to ours, because we treat them like people, not employees we just pay to do stuff.

That said, it is a careful balance of trying to retain that commitment and community. It only takes 1-2 bad apples to ruin it for the other ten.

The problem isn't the education system that teaches you wrong, it is the entire system teaching you that you are entitled to all these things. As soon as we even get a hint of entitlement, we quickly move to the next applicant.

Prove yourself and we will reward you!

"Pay your employees enough & show trust & conviction in them & they will respond positively. Its as simple as that!"

That is why I say that you have to be a business owner. That sounds nice in practice, but small businesses don't generate that kind of money. We would love to pay everyone gazillion, give them free meals every day and have them generate wads of cash (or even a little with little headache to owners), but that isn't reality.

The fact of the matter is, if everyone could pay everyone what they wanted, nobody could afford anything, because everything would rise in cost. Human labor is the most costly thing in practically all businesses.

That said, I have to re-iterate we probably have the happiest employees in the biz. They are like family, but sometimes family makes mistakes too and some anger definitely sets in! =D

lsujester1806d ago

It was for Crytek, which means it looks like filet mignon and tastes like microwaved meatloaf.

KingDadXVI1806d ago

Just another example of how this society is becoming a bunch of pansies. BooHoo, crunch time is terrible. There is a reason only a few people become truly successful and that is that they are willing to work for it. The rest just moan and complain and join the rest of the herd complaining about how unfair life is.

Good lord you would think that they had these people locked in a dungeon somewhere being flogged to increase output.

At my work we have something called a deadline and that generally means that the closer you get to it the more crunch time that you put into it. I think it is great when a company shows its appreciation by supplying us meals on top of the over time that is paid not to mention the celebration at the completion of a task well done or the feeling of accomplishment that you get.

All I can say is thanks to the rest who prefer to join that flock of sheep and bleat about how unfair life is. They are so kind to leave the accolades of hard work and success for the rest of us.


pompombrum1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Wait what, you think successful means enduring crunch time? I'd say the truly successful people are the ones who succeed in their careers while viewing those who suffer from crunch times from afar with a mixture of admiration and compassion.

e-p-ayeaH1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Yeah and its Crytek were talking about not some underdog you would think these people wouldnt have a problem working overtime to improve the game before it gets out.

BABY-JEDI1806d ago

I wonder what was on the menu?

Master-H1806d ago

Couple of Tbones put together to form an X shape, dubbed "X bone" on the menu lol

-Foxtrot1806d ago

Gruel with a side of Gruel and a pint of ice cold Gruel

worldwidegaming1806d ago

No, sorry that a Japanese company!

Most people go home AFTER the boss leaves!
mandatory after work dinner if the boss says so!
Lunch Break on the contract!? still better not take that break!

BABY-JEDI1806d ago

Wow, this is great. It seems to me that we have a master chef competition on the go.
LoL bubbles up for the jokes
; )

NewAgeisHere1806d ago

Well make them shareholders like some companies do and you will gain very motivated employees.

jacksjus1806d ago

It should have been 23,000 dinners. That way the game likely would have been received more positively. I was never planning on getting another XBox, but I am a fan of all games and this was the one that caught my attention the most initially. Disappointing to hear negative reviews thus far.

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