The Final Bosman: The Battle of the Bands

Kyle makes a long analogy for what’s going on with the next gen launches.

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xHeavYx3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

HA! Took me a little time to get the Titus Fallon joke.
This show keeps getting better and better

gaffyh3676d ago

I really love that bit with Shu towards the end.

Lboogieskells3676d ago

Yes, I love this guys sense of humor. lol

SuicideKing3676d ago

Holy F that's funny! 720 is still a pretty big number LoL!!!

majiebeast3676d ago

Still laughing at Yosp being the tough guy. The Nintendo band name also had me laughing, cause of when he compared Nintendo to a dopey elephant that moves at its own pace.

RexFury3676d ago

You can't mess with Kyle Bosman.


Honkai: Star Rail Shows Argenti and Zenless Zone Zero Unveils Nicole in a HoYoverse Double Whammy

HoYoverse delivered a double whammy with two character trailers for its successful RPG Honkai: Star Rail and the upcoming ARPG Zenless Zone Zero.

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Bar owner simulation RPG Adventure Bar Story coming to PS5, PS4, and Switch

RideonJapan will release bar owner simulation RPG Adventure Bar Story for Switch on December 21 in Japan for 1,500 yen, followed by PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 at a later date, the developer announced. All three versions are also planned for release in the west at a later date, a RideonJapan representative told Gematsu.


Blizzard is reportedly asking Diablo 4 players if they're okay with $100 DLC

VG247 writes: "The survey has multiple questions about different potential price points for the DLC, and what each price would include to justify it. $50, $70, $80, $100 are the four different price tiers listed, with each offering more and more incentives."

Snookies1218h ago

Lol! Expansion should be titled "Vessel of Greed" not Hatred.

Gamingsince19811h ago

It's just MS trying to make some money back from the 69 billion they paid I assume, it will only take them about 30 years.

OtterX17h ago

I'm not okay with the intial $69.99 purchase I made, much less $100.00 DLC.

Crows9053m ago

Right!! This company smoking something strong lol

Kaii14h ago

*The door-in-the-face technique is a persuasive strategy that involves making a large, unreasonable request first, followed by a smaller, more acceptable one.

Modern monetization ftl

OtterX3h ago

Most likely this. They'll release it at 79.99, which is still way too much, but now it looks like a deal to the braindead masses.

Einhander197212h ago

C'mon guys we only need to buy 700,000,000 of em!