Check Out Xbox One Exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome's Single Player in Three Impressive 1080p Videos

Microsoft just released three new and impressive gameplay videos of the Xbox One launch title by CryTek Ryse: Son of Rome, showcasing three different single player levels of the game.

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abzdine1898d ago

doesn't look like there is contact when he simply hits the ennemies..

xHeavYx1898d ago

I think it looks violently cool, but the AI doesn't seem very smart

Blackdeath_6631898d ago

i don't like the way he seems to glide over the floor from one enemy to another. combat system seems half baked. many repeated actions can be seen already in the 2:18 min long video.

dantesparda1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Not impressed sorry, the animations arent impressive (stiff)and the enemies arent impressive either (low polys). The best looking thing about it is your character when it zooms in. Remind me of what Heavenly Sword looked like for its time (btw, i wasnt really impressed by that at the time either, sorry, i just call it like i see it).

Dont get me wrong, im not saying it looks horrible, but its just not the graphical powerhouse the fanboys are trying to make it out to be

Autodidactdystopia1898d ago


Fixing that is much harder than you think.

Name me off some hack n slash games where that isn't present.

Only game I know of that even claims to fix that problem is ea's NBA 2k series. Where the feet are actually rooted and don't slide around.

in other words what method would you use to correct this? How would you keep player animations lined up so that moving characters into alignment so they were actually hitting eachother didn't slide their feet?

and how much processing power would be required to do such a thing realtime and dynamically in a crowd of npc's?

From what I can tell all major h/s games have this problem and it is not limited to crytek...

God of war 1 2 3 ascension
Ninja gaiden
Devil may cry heavenly sword
gears of war
metal gear solid
all of them have this problem,

Its a rigging/animation/navmesh nightmare and for now its not cost to performance effective to try and eliminate.

LonChaneyTV1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I have a high end PC and yet i can't help to think how sweet this game turned out. this game is one of the best examples of optimizing done right for the hardware.

4Sh0w1897d ago

Oh man, I don't care about the naysayers I can't wait to play this game. That looks awesome and the cinematics are so well done it just adds a lot to the setting and brutal action gameplay.

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Enemy1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Not according to Game Informer.

LOGICWINS1898d ago

Woah woah wait....people have different opinions on a game?

You don't say?


Abriael1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

listen. I'm skeptical myself, but since when game informer has ever been credible on anything?

Especially when they spout that kind of hyperbole. I played the game, even if it was a few builds ago at Gamescom, and it had definitely very little to do with dialing numbers.

Clickbait is clickbait, and game informer has gotten good at it.

christocolus1898d ago

lol..not you again....lmao..ign, kotaku and gamespot actually liked it.

Outside_ofthe_Box1898d ago

That Game Informer article is indeed a click bait article and the expert of submitting click baiting articles, Abriael, has officially confirmed this. ;)

sobotz1898d ago

IGN said this game is totally awesome.

1898d ago
HammadTheBeast1897d ago


IGN also called CoD Ghosts a "masterpiece" and gave it a 8.9/10.

JackISbacK1897d ago

yeah you are right but people are having diferent opinion some people say that the game is not very inovative but still it is fun to play ,but here you can see that the maryius is very skilled and he was cutting enemies like sheeps ,but yeah game looks fun and these enemies were the most silmple one to kill ,but we were not there we dont know what button to press and how to play ,only reviews will teel or when we will play this game,but i'am waiting for more better news about xbox one ,like that some devs saying we can acieve same resolution on xbox one as we can on ps4 ,yeah we dont want this much big difference on xbox one.

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dale_denton1898d ago

this game takes no skill, just read that you can beat the game blind folded with one hand.

Hellsvacancy1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

It looks pretty good, it's the gameplay I don't like, I can't play games like Batman Arkham or Assassins Creed, they all play the same as, the combat mechanics are not challenging enough

Other than that it looks alright, I'm all for violence in games

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Abriael1898d ago

The video is 1080p. The output resolution of the game is 1080p. 900p does not look exactly the same as 900p upscaled to 1080p, so no. Nothing is misleading here.

JackISbacK1897d ago

but game looks amazing and here i dont mind its 900p but i'am dissapointed with multiplats theyt are very behind from ps4 ,yeah diiference is about 50% at some games and we are not gona tolerate for long ,i'am expecting some good news from ms about resolutiopns .

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BallsEye1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

The game uses the best layered hardware upscaler and good AA so it looks just like 1080p

Good AA and good upscaler in 900p can look better than 1080p without any AA. That IS a fact. Game looks great so stop stealth trolling.

NEWEST IGN VID ,awesome forest!

claudionmc1898d ago

Good cinematic screens, really good I have to admit

Actual gameplay, however...

JCOLE131951898d ago

@claud That is a screen from the older build.

1898d ago
Naga1898d ago

Eh, at this point everyone knows it's 900p upscaled to 1080p. It would be arguably more misleading if they showed a 1080p video but called it 900p.

UncleGermrod1898d ago

lmao, theres always gotta be one. their just saying the video is streamed at 1080p, in which way is that misleading?

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