Wii U GamePad: The Great Controller That Nintendo Needs To Utilize Better

Hardcore Gamer: Nintendo should embrace the gamepad and show third parties and the general public just how well it can be utilized should the proper effort be applied in doing so.

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Neonridr1898d ago

It's interesting how companies like Ubisoft (ZombiU, Rayman Origins), Telltale (Lego City) and Platinum (W101) have utilized the gamepad better than Nintendo has for their own 1st party titles.

I am hoping Nintendo can come up with some creative ways to utilize the gamepad. While I do love Off Screen play and consider that a selling feature on its own, I want the unique gameplay opportunities that can be presented by using the gamepad. I loved the whole 360 scanner utilities offered in both ZombiU and Lego City. I love the second screen idea for using sniper scopes. Far too often we are either just seeing the overhead map, or just a replication of what is on the main screen.

gphunk1898d ago

Well, some games just works better with the gamepad. Mario may not, but Pikmin3 was great. As was the various uses in Nintendoland. Yes, ZombiU and Rayman did good; but Splintercell had horrible gamepad utilization.
TLOZ is a good fit. And even more so is Starfox and Metroid. Hopefully we'll see Peppy telling us to barrel roll on the gamepad screen. And man would it be great to strap it to your forearm and use Samus suit tech by touch while moving and aiming with the wiimote and nunchuck.

Neonridr1898d ago

Slippy and his annoying voice will haunt my dreams forever...

"Thanks Fox... I thought I was a goner.. "

link2Dpast1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Lmao as soon as you said to have the pad strapped on the arm for a metroid game, I laughed and thought what a ridiculous idea and this image came to my head. If they do that this will all be us. Ooo and thanx for the laugh. ... love Nintendo

DejectedJeff1898d ago

they really missed the boat with mario kart 8 i think. theres just a lame map on the gamepad when they couldve gotten rid of the map entirely and replaced it with a rearview mirror. would be perfect for lining up shells and bananas, and would add an element of strategy

marloc_x1897d ago

I like navigating menus with the gamepad, way faster than pushing a cursor with a stick or D-pad. Plus a keyboard, stylus.. Web browsing and social media are a natural for Wii U :)

link2Dpast1898d ago

I belive the potential is great. They need to make it possible to utilize at least 4 pads, I know they are saying 2 which is better than nothing but I just feel like that's holding it back. Who want to play multiplayer and just by looking at the t.v they know where your at. I Rember battle move in mario Kart and Diddy kong racing was so Damn fun but all they had to do wad look at your screen then your dead. That second screen is either gonna be a star or a red shell aimed straight at nintendos but t

BOWZER351898d ago

I definitely will use the game pad over the other controllers, holding it just makes you feel hardcore.

MNGamer-N1898d ago

I'm loving my GamePad. No, really... I'm making love to my GamePad

XboxFun1898d ago

The potential is definitely there. I can really see this taken off with RPG's. There needs to be a high class RPG for this system that does take advantage of the second screen.

I am hoping X is that game.

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