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Andrew Yoon writes: Clearly, if there's one reason to play Ryse, it's not the gameplay. Son of Rome, at the very least, is a spectacle filled with tons of CryEngine-powered eye candy. In fact, it's so pretty that the frequent interruption of pre-rendered cutscenes is baffling. For some reason, the video compression on the cinema sequences is incredibly noticeable, making the pre-rendered stuff look worse than the real-time graphics. The story is also by-the-numbers: a tale of revenge that telegraphs nearly every aspect of the story. You won't be surprised by how Marius ends up being so damn angry--but at least there's some solid performances backing the cinematics.

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Kingthrash3601807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

lol wow i just said these exact words on a earlier article lol...pretty and boring.

MightyNoX1807d ago

It's Crytek. Pretty and boring might as well be their logo.

Kingthrash3601807d ago

lol *falsh backed to crysis 2,
yeah they suffer from the blonde girl syndrome. pretty as hell might be exciting in the beginning but after a week you block her calls.

abzdine1807d ago

yeah man, pretty and boring is what they do best..

dcj05241807d ago

Crysis warhead was the best fps of 2008 imo. Crytek started sucking around crysis 2.

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DeadRabbits1807d ago

If they had of milked 1080p out of the xbone it might have been Boring and a little bit Prettier!

Lannister1807d ago

wow, this game is getting dumped on.

Eonjay1807d ago

Ouch! They are ripping Ryse to pieces today...

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