Xbox One Resolution Brouhaha: When Graphics Matter, and When They Don’t

A levelheaded look at resolution in the face of recent controversy and why it's not just about comparing numbers.

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theBAWSE1809d ago

ps4 is more powerful... NOOOOOO

let me downplay it...

ATiElite1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

"When Graphics Matter" = when it's PS4 vs. XB1

"and When They Don’t" = when it's PS4 vs. PC


XB1 COD:G 720p --------"Ha ha TEh CLoudz looks like another rainy day for XB1. 11-15-13 Greatness Awaits and the GDDR5 in my PS4 will cure cancer as well as play great games, Esram rotten Ham Microsoft and it's Xbone are a JOKE versus the PS4 which is like a High End PC according to many Devs"

BF4 PS4 900p --------- "So what, Graphics Don't matter because it's about the games and exclusives. show me a $399 PC that can even run BF4, you need a $22900909090 PC to even play BF4 and you gotta buy new Gpu's every 60 days plus PC has NO AAA games,
(hands over ears with eyes closed) Naughty Dogg, Naughty Dogg, Naughty Dogg, get lost you LOSER PC Elitist".

MRMagoo1231809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

So when do graphics matter then ? if you have an xbone i guess never because they arent winning at anything at all lol.

No one counts PCs because we are talking about consoles, my pc has better graphics than my ps3, thats to be expected, go die in a hole.

n4rc1809d ago

Hilarious because its true... Lol..

And really? Go die in a hole? For real kid? Seek help

Idba1809d ago

Comparing consoles to PC are wrong. Thats why we compare CONSOLES to CONSOLES.

But ofcoure, you could always compare a 400$ PC to PS4 and see how that works out.

decrypt1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

Its all about cheerleading their respective console. No matter how they end up getting screwed in the process lol.


500usd PC would beat the PS4 and please dont go around pretending 400usd is all you got to pay for the PS4 look at other costs too:

Pay to go online (reoccurred cost)

Pay more per game (usually 10-20usd more adds up really fast).

No BC (cant play any of your last gen games, keep rebuying the PS3 every time it fails. PC plays games from 30 years back.)

No mods so they can sell you DLCs.

In the end PC doesnt have as many hidden costs as consoles do. Keep that in mind which makes even a PC that cost initially abit more cheaper in the long run.


Yea and ignore all the hidden costs on the PS4, great job, very balanced comparison lol.

By the way to beat a PS4 you dont need a GPU that cost more than 200usd, a R9 270x costing 200usd will play games like BF4 in 1600p what does the PS4 manage? :P

mistertwoturbo1809d ago

Idba has a point, compare a $400 pc to the ps4. You're looking at integrated graphics level of performance. Sorry but it's true. To really get the true enthusiast PC high level of graphics you need at least a $250-$300 gpu by itself.

FamilyGuy1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Decrypt, let's also ignore all the free PS+ games
The huge PS+ discounts
PS4 being its own game capture and editing device.
The all in one nature and ease of use,
no buying parts after they kill over from over clocking
the upgrading every 2-3 years
searching for workarounds to bugging pc game code.
The viruses and malware
The other installed programs that slow down your pc over time.
Superior developer attention and support.
The fact that you can resell your games once you're done with them.
The ability to rent games
The fact that you don't have to buy DLC, you can ignore it
The fact that you could buy all your games used for a cheap price
the fact that you could borrow games from friends for free
2-4 player same couch co-op playing
Playing comfortably from your couch period

Yeah man, PC is sooooo much greater than consoles, why would anyone play on a console when a PC is "around the same price", according to you.

Please gtfo -_-

LogicStomper1809d ago

Here's a general rule of thumb for when and when graphics matters.

When it does matter:

- Upgrading from one generation to the next. When you enter the next generation, you expect improvement from the PREVIOUS GENERATION.

- You're prioritising graphics above gameplay for a game or console.

- Your idea of fun is purely based on pretty pictures and fluid motions.

When it does matter to some degree:

- You're unsure on which platform/console you're going to move to for the next generation. One may perform better, but does this outweigh the fun you'll have on the other? Are the graphics higher on your priority list than the games you enjoy?

When it doesn't matter:

- You've already made up your mind on which console you're getting based on your tastes. Sure the other console may or may not be more powerful than the one you're getting but who cares? You should be contempt with your purchase and not need to scream at others why your opinion is more important than theirs.

- When you buy games/consoles for fun. The whole purpose of a console is entertainment. They're there to be played/enjoyed, not compared down to which case looks more sturdy.

- When you're trying to compare two great looking games. Sure one looks better than the other but who cares? They both look amazing.

So do you see where some people come from when they say graphics don't matter? What you see as trash could be another mans treasure. So if you could guys, don't nit-pick and trash-talk about what others enjoy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

NewMonday1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


nobody argues against high end PCs power, it's about the price


put your money where your mouth is and give us benchmarks of a $500 PC rig (the complete hardware and software) running BF4.

walk the walk

jebabcock1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

So let's remove the fanboy element... if you had two pc systems that provided extremely similar hardware but one was cheaper and played your games at better quality, which would you pick? The more expensive one with perfomance issues?

As far as comparing console to pc... for me that can't even be done effectively.

First off, let me count the reasons why I and probably most normal people opt to get a console.

1. No upkeep on pc parts when a new game comes out...
2. Easily portable...
3. I like gaming from a couch not an office desk..
4. Better gaming experience across all games...Devs optimize games specifically for my exact hardware so I don't have to worry about compatibility issues.
5. Much larger library of quality games to choose from.

The issue here is that where the pc may be better in visuals it hands down loses every other important selling point for me.

Just because I opt for the console route doesn't mean graphics cease to matter... To the contrary that makes them one of the primary selling points for a console... And why the consoles are always so heavily compared in that area.

To me choosing a console comes down to the game library offered and performance. It is perfectly acceptable to question launch titles that arent clearing what appears to be last gens bar especially if they are touted as AAA titles. When numerous AAA launch titles are getting gimped on a specific console, questions should be raised otherwise nothing will be done to fix the issue...

Hardware issues are a stretch unless MS is over allocating dedicated system resources for non-game functionality. Even if that is the case a fw update could potentially remedy the issue.

insomnium21809d ago


Here's how it all started:

When graphics matter = when x360 was the main platform and PS3 got a lousy port for multiplats.

when graphics matter = when x360 could be said to be more powerfull than PS3 based on said multiplat/ports.

when they don't = when PS3 exclusive was better than anything on x360.

When they don't = when you can't argue that said PS3 game is only 2 hours of gameplay and 10 hours of cinematics.

Irony is a b**ch isn't it?

jebabcock1809d ago


No retail 500 dollar pc would beat either console... that is a foolish and stupid comment. Consoles are optimized specifically for gaming. You will likely be hard pressed to find a pc under 1000 that will perform to the level of a console unless either company completely messed up.

A pc even when your game is running has a bloated OS handling a whole slew of background processes while your game is running.

Try to post intelligent comments....

CrimsonFox131809d ago


N4G comments are about as bad as YouTube comments. I really should stop looking at them. At least there are scripts to hide YouTube comments.

DeadManV1809d ago

F***ing bulls**t- I game on PC and will on ps4- lets look at price especially on the long run-over about 8 years how much will you expect to pay for hardware alone? Pretty sure you get the best bang for your buck with PS4. Damn PC elitist.

mewhy321808d ago

When graphics matter is whey you're trying to charge me 500.00 for a 720p machine and I can get a 1080p machine (PS4) for 400.00. Yeah. It matters. It for sure matters.

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MRMagoo1231809d ago

Thats all they do lol, but have you looked in the Ryse articles, its all about graphics in there because the gameplay is terribad, i guess its what ever the xboners want it to be, they seem to move the goal posts at will.

XboxDone1809d ago

I agree with you Why would we buy new consoles if the graphics are gonna be the same? Graphics are pretty important and no amount of denial and damage control is gonna change that. Everyone is crying that we need a leap in visuals now PS4 gamers get it and Xboners are trying to deny the fact that they're getting microshafted and are gonna have sub-par visuals on their games. The power of teh cloud won't save you nor the i don't care about graphics excuse. If you don't tell M$ anything nothing will change

LogicStomper1809d ago

@ MRMagoo123

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe it's good overall, but there's that one stand-out feature about it?

If you talk about a Ferrari, it would be an amazing vehicle. There is however, the stand-out feature which would be it's form. If we focus the conversation around the form of the car, does that mean it's bad at everything else? No. So your point is therefore invalid until proven valid.


Your username insta screams troll and fanboy but hey, silly comments like yours improves my ability to debate topics.

"Why would we buy new consoles if the graphics are gonna be the same?"

You've fallen for the most common misconception of all. This would be the actual moving of goal posts. I will explain this thoroughly so even silly people can't mistake the concepts here.

1) Comparing Xbox One to Playstation 4.

This is where what you call the 'xboners' as saying graphics don't matter. Of course, the 'xboners' are correct, they don't matter. Do you know why? Well it's because in terms of graphics they both look amazing (I will give it to you that the graphical capabilities on the PS4 are better than the Xbox One's).

Okay, so these so called 'xboners' say graphics don't matter. You take this as an input into brain and then your draw the next comparison (where your logical goes horrible, and I mean horribly wrong).

2) Comparing current generation to next gen.

You see where you've gone wrong already? You're using the same logic in completely different situations. You've taken the idea that 'graphics don't matter' when comparing two consoles in the same generation and put that into a comparison of 'two generations, one current and one next'. You will have to be out-right deluded to continue thinking you're correct.

In fact, here are some analogies so you get the idea of where your logic was flawed.

1) You compare to top-of-the-line graphics cards. They're both very similar in capabilities and the difference between them is almost negligible. You can state that "the graphics between the two don't matter".

Now you CANNOT use this idea in a comparison of generations and say "Because graphics don't matter, you don't care about the improvements of graphics card from one generation to the next". You see, they are two COMPELTELY DIFFERENT ideas. You can't just pull a piece of a puzzle and expect it to fit elsewhere.

I have notice this is a VERY common misconception around here and I hope you understand where you went wrong so false ideas are not carried on.

jebabcock1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Graphics always matter people... Presentation will make or break anything and games are no exception... The degree to which they will influence our choices is significantly more complicated than a few paragraph comment so people please stop trying to make an attempt.

The point people miss is that between two very similar consoles there isn't much else to compare. That is why this topic always comes up.

In any case, I definitely wouldnt refer to comments on n4g for advice on the matter.... a person would only walk away feeling very conflicted by the polarizing comments If they actually were open minded and attempting to form an opinion.

Blacksand11809d ago

The XB1 is 720p with a 1080p up-scaled because MS tried to make it a t.v hub first and a gaming console second. My Fios is 720p reg. channels and 1080p on HD channels. When you mix the two that's what you get 720p with a up-scaled of 1080p, because of t.v part of the console.

bjmartynhak1809d ago

Of course it matters when we are talking about the same game!

bleedsoe9mm1809d ago

i played the inferior ps3 versions of games for the first 3 years of last gen and never regretted it once , if i bought a xbox one only this gen i doubt i'd regret that either .

LogicStomper1809d ago

Completely agree with you. When you play games you don't sit there thinking "I can't enjoy this game because it looks better elsewhere".

jackanderson19851809d ago

only if you're obsessed with graphics... i'm not gonna buy COD or BF4 on the PS4 if all my friends pick it up on the X1

n4rc1809d ago

Actually a really good read... Many great points

GenericNameHere1809d ago

Well, I guess it's time for Detective N4G and GAF to keep track of Adam Sessler and other crybabies (remember, that's what I call journalists from now on) who said 1080p don't matter. I can almost see one developer in the future who'll botch up a multiplat release by making the Xbone version look better, and these crybabies will make sure that everyone knows the Xbone version looks more better because it's in 1080p.

bleedsoe9mm1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

the real question if your not buying both is do you want to play,
killzone , knack , second son , drive club or
dead rising , ryse , titanfall , forza
not an easy choice

sweendog1809d ago

That is a good point but their is another question. You are going to have that plastic lump under your T.V for 6-8 years, whos exclusives are going to keep you entertained after the launch dust has settled. I got a gamecube at launch and its launch line up was terrible (luigi's Mansion!) still the best console I have owned

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