Forget resolutions - Next Gen starts with better effects (video)

A video which looks at the graphical effects used in Assassin's Creed 4 on Xbox One and PS4.

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sincitysir11807d ago

is this the next excuse!? adam sessler is that u?! i kidd i kidd.

Eonjay1807d ago

You can have resolution and effects. It doesn't have to be a choice. You can also have resolution and gameplay. Don't compromise.

mewhy321807d ago

wow. where were all these people that say being less powerful doesn't matter when nintendo was launching the Wii-U?
It DOES matter that you're paying 100.00 more for the bone that is producing 720p versions of games that are running at 1080p on the PS4!!! Heck even the exclusive games can't pull off 1080p on the bone. Why would anyone pay 100.00 more for less??? Why???

starchild1807d ago

Yeah, it's called playing on a good gaming PC. :)

Anyway, this may be a cross-generation title, but it really surprised me when I had the chance to see it at PAX. It looks better than some of the exclusives on either console.

raWfodog1807d ago

I believe that all the comparisons of resolutions and/or effects is valid but, in my humble opinion, ultimately irrelevant to someone who may be interested in getting only a certain console. If someone is dead set on only getting one next-gen console then I believe they will be content with that version of the game.

As with the current gen, I eventually plan on getting both consoles so a comparison of which console provides the better resolutions and/or effects is very important to someone like me who wishes to get the best game for my buck.

GryestOfBluSkies1807d ago

well thats a big difference between this gen and next gen... but resolution is important when only comparing ps4 and x1

Mister_Dawg1807d ago

I agree, the PS4 might look more detailed in terms of resolution in some games. More so early in the consoles lifespans, less so as XBO tools mature.
However, despite the res disparity, both will be pretty much identical in the gameplay being offered. So it'll come down to what the exclusives for each have to sway consumers in a particular direction.

DeadRabbits1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Why all of a sudden resolution does not matter!!!! Next it will be FPS wont matter!!!

On a level playing field the xbone is your local pub team vs PS4 Barcelona!

CrossingEden1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Because games like the last of us run at 720p/30fps, yet looks like this
compared to 1080p/60fps cod ghosts on ps4
now we both know which one looks better. Or better yet, THAT'S why resolution doesn't matter whatsoever in the long one.

DeadRabbits1807d ago

Are you comparing the PS3 to the xbone?

Kyosuke_Sanada1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

But are you willing to pay an extra 400-500 for a system when said games can be bought now for 60 quid on current hardware?

MasterCornholio1807d ago

"Because games like the last of us run at 720p/30fps"

Imagine NDs next game on the PS4 running at 1080P.

-mind blown-

Kyosuke_Sanada1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Another thing is that the Last Of Us came out in the death throes of this cycle so while Call Of Duty Ghosts is released fairly at beginning of the next so imagine the final opuses of the upcoming hardware. So I dare you to make such comparisons at the closing of the XBox One and Playstation 4 era when developers are well versed to their arsenal.....

Mister_Dawg1807d ago

No he's just pointing out that millions of gamers considered a 720p to be GOTY, so why are you making out resolution to be a major issue now?

I play most of my games on pc at present. I have to mess around with settings for more recent games to get a decent frame rate. At first I toned down the effects and texture details to try and keep a 1080p resolution. But despite having a pixel count, the games looked crap and lifeless. So I changed tact and dropped down to 720p and put effects and details up the max. Now I'll admit there were some edgy graphics at times, but the games looked way more fun and engaging. Each to their own I guess.

SuperBlur1807d ago

TLOU @720p/30 on PS3 , what do you think they'll be able to accomplish with a freaking PS4 and all its power .

Easily native 1080p

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Corpser1807d ago

If resolution matters so much, all current gen gamers would have switched to pc, why play games in sub 720p and sub 30 FPS when pC has been 1080p (or better) this whole time?

so why does it all of a sudden matter now?

DeadRabbits1807d ago

Because my TV supports 1080p and I want my console to support 1080p too!

raWfodog1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Because they are only comparing next-gen consoles in this article. Everyone knows PC has the best resolutions.

Edit: Many people are only concerned about playing consoles and this article was mainly geared towards them.

starchild1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )


Then prepare for disappointment. There are going to be plenty of games on both consoles throughout the years with resolutions lower than 1080p.

Native resolutions tend to generally be reduced as the generation progresses.

The only way you can be guaranteed 1080p resolution in your games is if you game on a decent gaming PC.

Visiblemarc1807d ago

Well to be fair, his point is that next-gen offers more than just resolution improvements. He wasn't saying res is unimportant .

thehitman1807d ago

But FPS doesnt matter that much really... extra fps just showcases extra power. Does not mean that its needed in order to make the game play smooth or look great. I prefer any game with 1080p ultra settings 30 fps over 720p or 900p @ 60fps or even worse 1080p @ 60fps with medium-high settings. There is a difference you can see with the eye with resolution and textures but frame rate if its stable its the most unnoticeable thing to the eye.

DeadRabbits1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I WANT my hardware I purchased to showcase it's power! To the Max!

Mister_Dawg1807d ago

Nah the power of the system is vitally important in maintaining a playable frame rate.
When developers say they've locked a game at 30fps or 60fps they're not being entirely honest. The frame dips and peaks around this target frame rate. And I don't mean by a couple here and there. Sometimes it can be 20-30 frames difference, depending on the complexity of the scene. PC gamers will know this because we benchmark the shit out of our machines testing different overclocks and drivers and stuff.

If a game is meant to play at 30fps, but continually dips down to late teens or early 20's, it does impact upon gameplay. Higher frame rates are always the best choice, but that depends upon the hardware and coding.

720p @60fps makes for a way better experience than 1080p @ 30fps. But you need the hardware to pull it off with max settings.

Get some!

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1807d ago
imt5581807d ago

Forget resolutions!!!??? I don't think so. Higher resolution - the effects are better and crisper looking. Lower resolution - more jaggies, effects are dimmly and some effects are not able to seen.

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