Mandate Radio: Ep. 7 (11/6/2013)

"Welcome to week 7 of Mandate Radio. Your host, Frank Collins, steps in for another session, but due to some unforeseen technical difficulties, the guys do their shortest cast yet. Yet with his vigor and spunk, as well as his sexy sexy personality, Pete Mascio is back for his 7th straight Mandate Radio. Special guest, Joe Fisher, a relative stranger and familiar face, joins the crew. Then, in their most abbreviated episode to date, the guys all say they played “DOTA” and then don’t talk about it much, then proceed to talk ‘Intake’, ‘A Very Very Scary House’, ‘Civ V’, Pete’s new laptop, ’Dwelvers’, and “What’s What With What What”. The guys also discuss news with Wadjet Eye Game’s Free Game Debacle and Battlefield’s PC Launch issues. Finally, the guys express their opinions on who killed JFK and any number you can have on the back of your sports jersey."

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