Award Winning Indies Team Up To Unleash Zombocalypse 2 On The World

Ironzilla is bringing back the zombie apocalypse in their action packed web game, Zombocalypse 2! The game features tons of weapons, perks, enemies, and special attacks like sentry guns, choppers, and even orbital strikes. To bring Zombocalypse 2 to life, Ironzilla gathered a talented ensemble of some indie big hitters:

● Juicy Beast Studios, an award winning studio known for their hit games Knightmare Tower and Burrito Bison revenge, is responsible for Zombocalypse 2’s quirky art style and unique looking characters.
● Jimmy Hinson, a BAFTA nominated musical composer whose work can be heard in Call of Duty Black Ops ll and the Mass Effect series, gives Zombocalypse 2’s soundtrack it’s epic orchestral sound. Not to mention, Jimmy was also running a Kickstarter at the same time which raised $63K of the intended $5K goal.
● Michael Kessler, an accomplished illustrator who has worked on Need For Speed, Transformers, Borderlands 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Mech Warriors, and more.
● and Chevy Ray Johnston, a game developer well known in the indie space for his many collaborations and projects (FlashPunk, GamesDojo, Gamestorm), used his magical programming touches to bring the entire game to life and the undead back in your browser.

So what are you waiting for? The undead won’t bury themselves! Play Zombocalypse 2 right now in your browser on Adult Swim Games.

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