Assassin's Creed 4 Xbox One gameplay footage looks great

A couple of gameplay videos from the Xbox One version of Assassin's Creed IV which is looking pretty good despite the Youtube compression which lowers the quality.

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jackanderson19851808d ago

graphics the better they are superb... but my main question is load screens i despise them with a passion, anyone know whether they're lengthy, short or non-existent?

AlexanderNevermind1808d ago

Loading Screens...another reason for allowing the consumer to upgrade the hdd.

falviousuk1808d ago

What the hell has that got to do with loading screens.

mewhy321808d ago

what resolution is this game running at?

jay21808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I played Aviv on ps4 on the toure. They were a mixed bag. From about 5 to 20 seconds. When you die or it loads up.

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paulust20021808d ago

To be honest, playing on ps3 and they ain't a problem. Loads cities for about ten seconds and thats that. 99% true open world like gta. So only about 4 locations have load times. Next gen will stream the cities in so no load at all. Got to say impressed by the ps3 version but next gen looks immense

gamewizard991808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Hopefully, we get more gameplay but I'm worried we'll see 900p on Xbox One. With Dead Rising 3 being 720p/30fps as an open world game I would be surprised if AC4 is 1080p on the Xbox One, but hopefully I'll be surprised. Its looking goos from this video!

kiz26941808d ago

I not too sure, Ubisoft did say that next gen run at 1080p 60fps cant remember if they mentioned native tho?

gamewizard991808d ago

I'm pretty positive that AC4 is 1080p 30fps on single-player and 60fps in multiplayer.

CrossingEden1808d ago

They confirmed that xbox1/ps4 version of AC4 are basically the same months ago. And this proves it.

Bennibop1808d ago

I would wait until they confirm, how many x1 games have we been told one thing then later another,

Golden_Mud1808d ago

Actually what Dead Rising 3 have is something called "resolution drop" instead of what we call "fps drop" , the game will run most of the time at 1080p and sometimes drop to 720p

gamewizard991808d ago

It's just been confirmed that it's 720p/30fps. Source:
I'm not sure what they initially meant about a dynamic resolution as they made it sound like now the resolution will be constantly 720p. I think they probably had to sacrifice the resolution to avoid frame rate drops which explains the increased smoothness of recent gameplay videos.

kiz26941808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

[email protected]

"current-gen SKUs will be 30FPS, while the Xbox One and PS4 versions will be 60FPS “at a much higher resolution”

I watched most reviews of the PS4 version and they clearly say it runs at 60fps in SP and if you watch comparison videos you can see the difference in smoothness

Found another link on N4G as well

gamewizard991808d ago

In the article they seem to be talking just about the multiplayer, which is 60fps. I'm still sure the single-player is 30fps, but I hope I'm wrong!

kiz26941808d ago

im 100% its 60fps, i have heard some many times in the previews and comparison videos, sorry i cant link cos it would take me ages to find the right video

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kiz26941808d ago

Looks good, same applies for PS4, i think this will be identical on both, due to no resolution difference maybe frame rate tests might show something, but the engine is very well optimized to be able to be 1080p 60fps on such a huge game.

falviousuk1808d ago

Looks very good, tempted to cancel my Ryse pre-order now and get this instead

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