The End of GFWL and the Future of Microsoft

What direction should Microsoft be taking given recent announcements?

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TheEnigma3131807d ago

GFWL sucks so bad; I hate it. Good riddance.

ScubbaSteve1807d ago

Truly, news worthy of a holiday.

ATiElite1807d ago

GFWL, Die you Rebel SCUM! I hated GFWL with all my heart glad to see it burn in HELL!

Microsoft pretty much has SUCKED since Bill Gates left.

MS is now just a Big company with a lot of money that goes around buying ideas only to RUIN them and then they just copy everyone else.


I know Bill Gates is off doing other more important things to help the world but maybe he needs to come back and right the ship for a few years.

Ashlen1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

I don't know.

But I do know I am pissed that I have about a dozen games that will probably not work just because Microsoft doesn't want to support there old titles. Even though there whole thing is cloud and connected.

If I was a big publisher or a user I would think twice before signing up for any services for my games. Because Microsoft are not supporting or helping any of the companies or users who used GFWL fix or enable there existing titles.

This is a huge indicator to me about how much you should trust Microsoft for future support of anything that requires a server.

Edited to note: I have GWFL games that I bought less than a year ago that will stop working. It's not just "old" games.

AO1JMM1807d ago

I cannot believe I actually clicked on that link.

Microsoft is not going anywhere.

DanielGearSolid1807d ago

Microsoft dominates PC OS market

For some reason they think they can dominate all electronic software/hardware :

Windows Phone

GentlemenRUs1807d ago

They will get rid of it and move the 1st party games to the Windows 8 App Store.

Calling it now!