COD4 Variety Map pack REGION LOCKED

As just confirmed by FOURZEROTWO (community manager Infinity Ward) on the official COD 4 Boards

Alright, heres the deal. The Variety Map Pack is REGION LOCKED. Which means the Region (Language) of the Variety Map Pack, must match the region (Language) that your Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare disc is.

For example:

If you have the GERMAN version of the game, you MUST purchase the GERMAN version of the map pack.
If you have the UK version of the game, you MUST purchase the UK version of the map pack.
Just make sure that the Disc version and the Map Pack version matches up.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.


Apperently some users with the correct region disc still seem to have the same error though, update on that issue to be expected soon.

EDIT 2::

fourzerotwo : "We're currently talking with Sony to see what option they'll have for PSN customers who purchased the incorrect version. I'll keep you updated on what we hear back."


fourzerotwo added an official statement on his blog

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Ghoul5637d ago (Edited 5637d ago )

fourzerotwo replied to me in this Matter after i brought the problem to the forums

I for myself am totally disapointed by this couse i own a uk gamedisc and just threw 10€ out of the window.

Fishy Fingers5637d ago

Ridiculous. Release a Region Free game then sell people Region locked content.

Shame on IW.

devilhunterx5637d ago

thats why i always buy games in uk, from uk.

i think its about time SONY realise that there are people in the world who can speak more then 1 language and make the PSN store global.

Fishy Fingers5637d ago

All playstation 3 games are region free, so are all blu-ray movies produced by Sony Pictures. It was IW that region locked the DLC.

It will be patched soon enough.

mrlokievil5637d ago

Unfortunately that's not a possibility. Every country has different copyright rules. Not to mention tons of other types of rules. I wish they could but sadly it will never happen.

xhairs5637d ago

Could that possibly be the reason why 'certification' took so long? Due to all the different languages/regions they had to 'certify'?


It's not a language problem anyway...

Maybe because you are in UK, you don't realise, but all European PS Stores are in English. Portugal, Espain, France, all of them uses english.

Japanese, as far as I know, is the only PSN with different language.

I'm Brazilian, no PSN at here at all, so I have one account per region as any would be illegal anyway, as many of my friends also... Unless we are all dumb and don't know how to change the language of PS Store, looks like everybody around here agree that only Japanese is a not-english Store.

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wangdiddy825637d ago

i thought it was today? i dont see them yet..

Spinner5637d ago

It's already up ... I just bought 'em

I feel gay for buying DLC, because I feel it should be free ... but I love COD4! :-/ ... Oh well $70 game.

addic5637d ago


the us map pack is available? are you sure?

Spinner5637d ago

yes, i just bought it..

turn on the store and hit "new releases" ... it's the first one there.

addic5637d ago (Edited 5637d ago )

awesome! i was looking for it just half an hour ago and it wasnt there...

EDIT: downloading it right now! ;) btw nice update! i also bought r-types - im sure it will be great on psp!

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