Xbox One will not have free, ad-supported Xbox Music streaming after all, the company has now said

Microsoft exec Albert Penello has admitted on Twitter he was mistaken over the issue. Ad-supported Xbox Music streaming is not supported on the console at all.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141859d ago

Is penello legitimately stupid or something?
This guy is the cause of 90% of the MS PR blunders for the last 5 months.

Why do they still write up this guys paycheck every week?

JokesOnYou1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

That sucks! That's it Penello is officially a dumbazz, I was right about him constantly addressing neogaf,.... now the #1 rule of PR is don't say something will be free when you are not 100% sure it is and considering the bad PR after the X1 reveal he should know better to say something like that before confirming.

GiggMan1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Jokes said something Xbox sucks o_0

On topic I agree, it really does...

Penello and anyone else for that matter just need to shut up and let the platforms launch.

majiebeast1859d ago

How does the product manager not know this. Microsoft PR fudging up again they should just honor it anyway.

Godmars2901859d ago

So they haven't learned anything from the original announcement missteps. Even with new management/PR people.

PoSTedUP1859d ago

joke's only being real. if i was MS i would have gotten rid of that fool a long time ago. its like he's being paid by sony to make MS look stupid... except hes being paid by MS to make their stupid look even "stupider".

Deathdeliverer1859d ago

I had to check the name a few times. I can't believe you wrote that. We might need to send the cops to Jokes house because someone stole his computer.

christocolus1859d ago


take it easy dude, i feel the guy is under so much pressure preparing for launch and all, he is bound to make some errors. but stuff like this should be thought about properly before going out to make announcments..i feel sorry for him though launching a console is insane and im sure the sony guys too are all prepping for launch..he should just avoid the media till launch...

amiga-man1859d ago

M$ and the word free don't make me laugh, stuff thats free everywhere else is stuck behind a M$ paywall,

M$ and greed is much more appropriate.

xHeavYx1859d ago

I said it before, Penello is another double agent, the first one being Mr Mattrick

Omegasyde1859d ago

Wow Jokesonyou attacking a MS employee instead of defending him?




OVER?!?!?!?!?!?! (bur... it's cold)

pyramidshead1859d ago

Another MS foot in mouth situation, Oh boy.

Maybe Microsoft just loves negative news that much, even their employees are creating it themselves.

FamilyGuy1859d ago

Wow, reminds me of Aaron Greenburgs older "Ryse is native 1080p" comment. Then the very next day back tracking. Now Penello's doing it.

Why so hard about checking if you're right before replying?

SonyAddict1859d ago

Wow did you just say something positive?.. Put the flags out!.

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iamnsuperman1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

The one job you have to do in PR is to make positive news about your product. So saying one thing just for the total opposite thing to happen is making your job a lot hardier.

Rule number one. If your going to announce something make sure it is correct information

hawkeyejonjon1859d ago

Yeah every time he opens his mouth it is somehow wrong lol

Damn Albert Penello you are on a roll on being wrong

True_Samurai1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Smfh Penello....

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AngelicIceDiamond1859d ago

MS once again, and again drops the ball...

Sci0n1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

LOL ok im done trolling because they are trolling themselves this is just too easy im done!! LOL. The one thing I said to myself well that's nice xbox one has a great feature over the PS4 and it was a mistake and not true, wow im done.

Xsilver1859d ago

I Know rite when i saw the news yesterday i was like not too shabby MS and boom Panello messed up.

ELCUCO1859d ago

Same here lol its kinda sad at this point

FragMnTagM1859d ago

It is free so far on Windows 8.

I don't see why the X One cannot have it too.

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