Scoop: Brett Favre to Cover Madden NFL 09

While speculation might suggest Eli Manning or Adrian Peterson, EA has gone with longtime Packers star Brett Favre. The announcement is expected tonight on Letterman.

According to the Facebook site for Madden NFL 09, the cover athlete is expected to be announced on April 25. Moreover, a quick check of the CBS schedule for Late Show with David Letterman shows that Favre is going to appear as one of Dave's guests tonight (April 24). For the past few years, EA has used late-night shows to announce the Madden cover. Last year Jimmy Kimmel's show was used to announce Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young for Madden 08.

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sonarus3856d ago

As much as i respect brett favre, i think it should have gone to someone else. Despite eli mannings lack luster beginnings, i think he deserved it more than favre. Not to mention the fact that favre is old and he needs to GTFO

Maddens Raiders3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

"Not to mention the fact that favre is old and he needs to GTFO...."

sonarus I've seen you light up the boards with comments for months. Some interesting; some mundane, but not one as twisted & poorly construed as this.

You respect Brett Favre, yet you don't even bother to capitalize his name? OK! 8D

And you think he's too old and needs to get out? Err umm, were you awake during the playoffs last year?.... Where he (and the team) were only a field goal kick in overtime away from going to the Super Bowl last year? Seriously, wtf are you talking about? =0

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about with all due respect. Brett Favre can play as long as he still has the will and the health -- and he's got both last time I checked. Then again I'm a lover of the game, not a passionless passer by.

MattFoley3855d ago

He also retired so actually he did GTFO.

sonarus3855d ago

I'm not going to lie i'm an indianapolis colts fanboy. I hate all the good teams. I recognize favre has done his share for football and all that but what pissed me off was the touchdown record he broke. He had to stay for how many extra yrs for that. Because of that mostly i don't like him and almost doesn't cut it. If they had gone to the super bowl fvkin patriots would have devoured them giants deserved to go

MattFoley3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Totally agree that the Giants derserved to go. The only thing that would have pissed me off would have been if the Giants had lost. As a Colts fan you should know Manning is going to break many of those records anyway. I'm a Packer fan first and a colts fan second. Manning carries himself almost like a Farve in the regard that He doesn't talk sh*t and doesn't blame his team when things don't go his way. You have to respect that.

Sonarus- Have you looked at the Pats schedule, total BullSh*t.

madness10103855d ago

actually a few years back i vividly remember peyton manning taking shots at his o-line after a loss

Bolts3855d ago

Farve was a field goal kick away from the SB? Which game were you watching? The Farve and the Packs spent the entire game trying to lose and his late game INT was classic Brett Farve. I agree with Sonarus, Brett Farve need to go away for good. Yet despite being retired he's still on the cover...WTF?

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ohnoTheRancor3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

this is one way to beat the curse... pick retired players!!

ask Shaun Alexander and Mike Vick if they believe in the Madden Curse.

Bolts3855d ago

Sure true. I couldn't have said it better myself.

DarkSniper3856d ago

Brett Favre is undoubtedly the greatest Quarterback to ever play the game of football. He defined the true meaning of the gunslinger mentality by being the all time leader in touchdowns (and INT's unfortunately) and breaking every major passing record in history.

Dark Sniper is confused why Brett is gracing the cover, but even still Favre is his favorite player. The Madden curse however does scare Dark Sniper a little bit. This could roll over into affecting Aaron Rodgers.

With the receiving corps of Driver, Jennings, Jones, Martin, Robinson, Aaron Rodgers has little chances of being unsuccessful this season as Dark Sniper predicts that Green Bay will make it to the super bowl in 2009.

If Rex Grossman can do it, Aaron Rodgers damn sure can.


machete squad steve3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

about the pack in 09 but I just don't see it happening.

TheWickedOne3855d ago

wasn't this the same story that was posted 20 min ago.

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