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Few next-gen launch games have as much to prove as Killer Instinct does. Much has been made of its free-to-play business model, its modestly-sized cast, and even the track record of its developer, Double Helix. But none of that matters anymore once you play it. It feels so good right off the bat, and gets you matching wits with your opponent so quickly that there’s no time to think about anything else.

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WolfOfDarknesss1834d ago

I am a huge fan Of KI , the reboot looks promising .

it's the first Next Gen fighting game , and it's will boost Xbox One sales .

Whitefire1834d ago

Better than Ryse. Xbox fans, gloat about this game. Not Ryse.

mewhy321833d ago

never really been a fan of this franchise. looks pretty though.

-Foxtrot1834d ago

Not like I don't like the game or hate the look or it but what I do dislike is the way they are delivering it to us

I'd rather just have a full on retail game instead of a digital downloadable F2P game. I know theres that retail version but it still would be nice if they just give us the complete package instead of all the F2P stuff to unlock more characters.

likeaboss3021834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

You can buy the whole "complete" game or just the pieces you want. However, you can play against anyone who has the game which creates a bigger user base. This is one XB1 title where they've been doing all the right things.

vividi1833d ago

I was exited for this game until they reveal that the game launch with only 6 characters

Fireseed1833d ago

Ok well wait till theirs a fuller line up, meanwhile the rest of us will be jumping in on Season 1. Would definetly like to know when you consider the game "done"

christocolus1834d ago

damn seems like rare and double helix pulled it off..great job guys.