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Joystiq writes:

There's a certain point where each execution in Ryse: Son of Rome stops feeling like a vicious byproduct of war and starts feeling like just another Tuesday in the legion.

Violence is treated with such a casual tone, I found during my two hours sampling a near-final version of the game at Microsoft's Xbox One showcase in San Francisco last week, that it seeps into every corner of Ryse, dulling the impact of all conflict and narrative. Why should I mourn the death of a story character after I just killed 412 barbarians in the last 20 minutes?

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Pintheshadows1834d ago

Wow, this title is getting battered hard in previews. That doesn't bode well this close to it releasing and is a bit disappointing as it held so much promise.

Bigpappy1834d ago

They think the violence is overdone. I am fine with violence.

Pintheshadows1834d ago

I am as well but the issues go beyond the violence and firmly into repetitive gameplay.

Bigpappy1834d ago

Every hack and slash action game I ever play is had repetitive gameplay. Even Skyrim had that, even with the magic.

Anyway. I don't really care what reviewers feel about the game. It is the type of game that interest me. As long as you are not struggling to land a blow and there is not slowdown that makes the game difficult to play, or the voice acting is not done by cousin Charles and Fred, I am sure it will be great for me and many who are looking forward to it. I was told the same thing when Conan the Barbarian was released. I played that game, which had about 12 finishers. This has over 100. This guy gets progressively more powerful, and there is a story to consider. So this preview is one guys opinion. If he does like this type of gameplay, that is perfectly fine and understandable.

DeadRabbits1834d ago

One less reason now to buy an xbone

mewhy321834d ago

well all i can say is that it's pretty. other than that meh.

obliterator1834d ago

Lmaooo. Man look at these previews. I knew it was a garbage game. It is being praised merely because it's a bone exclusive.

svoulis1834d ago

This is crazy, its literally the exact Opposite of IGN, and now all the sudden IGN is saying amazing things about Dead Rising 3. Hm.

What is going on.

Either way Ryse and Titanfall are the reason I'll be getting an Xbox One...initially anyway.

raWfodog1834d ago

Different people are gonna have different opinions about any game. Reviews are very subjective and should only be used as a sort of guide into the pro's and cons. I don't think anybody should based their game purchases off of just a review that they read. When you have a general consensus throughout the industry, particularly from everyday gamers, then you can get a better picture.

Deividas1834d ago

Well didnt IGN get an exclusive interview with the executive producer of DR3 where they played for like a half hour of the game? (recent video)...Are they not obviously going to praise the game?

MightyNoX1834d ago

Lol at taking IGN seriously.

1lawrence1834d ago

Not everybody has the same opinion y r u surprise just more are bashing it not everybody hates just a lot do

svoulis1834d ago

Yea, but when enough hate something vs someone who praises it (literally was praising it)

That tells me something is going on..


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Godhimself_In_3d1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

like i always say crytek makes graphical benchmarks not good games. People show off crysis not to play it and have fun with it. You hear me pc crowd.!!!!!!!!

WeAreLegion1834d ago

Crysis is really fun though. That's why everyone was disappointed in the campaigns of Crysis 2 and 3.

Godhimself_In_3d1834d ago (Edited 1834d ago )

Well i played the campaign and i thought it sucked. However that's just my opinion Im sure somebody had fun with it and wanted more just not me. i Did like the first farcry tho.

FITgamer1834d ago

I agree the first Crysis was good a game, down hill after that.

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