Free Killer Instinct gift from Microsoft is actually a middle finger to its dedicated fan base

GameZone's Mike Splechta writes, "Why Microsoft? Why do such a weird promotion in an age where the internet exposes who did and didn't get selected for this.

What's even worse is that a lot of people who are getting these emails, have no plans to even purchase an Xbox One, and they can't gift the game to anyone else, since it's tied to their Gamertag. D'oh!"

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zeal0us1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Middle finger to those who've been supporting XBL since its arrival and have yet to get a free copy.

I read one guy who said he been paying for XBL since Xbox days and have over 80K gamerscore and still have yet to get the free gift.

You would think the people who been paying for XBL since the beginning would be the first ones to get anything.

GarrusVakarian1897d ago

I have over 103k gamerscore and have been paying for gold since 2009 and i was pleasantly surprised with my email saying i received a free copy of KI.

Wasn't planning on playing it, but i will now. Free is good.

andrewsqual1897d ago

But is was free already wasn't it? They are essentially giving you 7 characters?

Kingthrash3601897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

lets be real they are giving out the game at random for free to sway gamers to buy a x1. its just a marketing move nothing more.
i wouldnt say its a middle finger just business as usual.
ill just pick up my ps4 and continue reciving free games on three consoles (vita,ps3,ps4)i like that marketing deal better.

whitefang19881897d ago

I'm with you on that I've got 101,000 gamerscore with 7 years on gold and I got the email today, was keeping my fingers crossed for the whole console but o well lol.
Still buying both,

P.s fanboys- stop focusing on negativity and just enjoy the games you play.

BattleTorn1896d ago

I've been a XBL member for 10years, with only 28,000 Gamerscore.

No e-mail.

I swear it's cause I'm Canadian.

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Mystogan1897d ago

It's completely random. Its not about who did what more often.

By that logic. Rich people should win more lotteries.

way to spin something cool into something negative. Bravo Sony fanboys you did it again.

Joe9131897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

This has nothing to do with Sony fans yea a few is comparing this to ps+ and I even read on Sony fan saying he don't see why ppl is mad to me it sounds as if it is the MS fans that has been on XBL for a while there are a few saying they dont care but I still don't see how you can blame this on Sony fans lol how is it when MS piss off a few MS fans the other MS fans seem to blame Sony fans again just like the DRM issue some how that became about Sony fans bitching about a rule in place for a console we had no plan to buy yea that makes sense if a Sony fanboy say something stupid call that person out dont go blaming all Sony fans like I am not calling MS fans dumb because you made a dumb comment Im just saying that is a dumb comment not really even calling you dumb ppl like you just start a bunch of crap that does not need to be started.

dirigiblebill1897d ago

Giving people free stuff is bad.

Giving people free stuff is bad.

Giving people free stuff is bad.

Giving people free stuff is bad.

Nope, sorry - doesn't compute.

brbobcat1897d ago

idk, Sony gives away free stuff all the time and it works. PS+ for the win. Everyone is treated equally.

It's when only a few get something when it becomes bad.

falviousuk1897d ago

How is it free when you are paying for PS+

Thats some dumb logic there

creatchee1897d ago

It's. A. Giveaway. Promotion.

I don't know why you have to bring this "all for one, one for all" sentiment in. Why can't Microsoft do anything cool without people complaining or crying foul?

Mystogan1897d ago

Dumbest comment ever. Sony fanboys keep raising the bar.

Naga1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Is it really appropriate to bash a company for this level of generosity, simply because they are selective in their generous giving? Is that really a "middle finger"?

I mean, we can either be happy for the individuals that received the free game, or we can shout about and be offended because we aren't treated like the beautiful snowflakes that we think we are. BUT I'M PRETTY!

I for one intend to remain content with my possessions, and happy for those who have what I don't.

Crazay1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I agree with you. I have good tenure with a high GS and I didn't receive any of the emails offering free stuff. Am I disappointed? Sure, who wouldn't be? I'm not pissed about it. Instead, I just wait for next friday and pick up my PS4s, then the friday after, I pick up my Xbox One. Moving right along here.

CYCLEGAMER1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

^^^ Exactly....I have received a lot of free things over the years that others havent, why be mad? Sounds like a hater syndrome, they cant give this stuff to everybody.

I called them and they said it was done at random (which is fair).

Edit: and besides...they are giving you the game for free anyway, just with Jago as the only character. You cant be to

falviousuk1897d ago

Ive been with xbox live since the beta on the original xbox, havent gotten any of the emails, am i bothered, not really

ITs a promotion, giveaeway, its thier to do as they please, and they choose based thier critetia or possibly its just totally random

Why people are getting pissed at this is just ridiculous, your not losing anything.

WeAreLegion1897d ago

No, it's not. Not EVERY person who has supported them from the beginning is getting a free game or console. That's not how it works. They're just doing a nice thing for a few people.

brbobcat1897d ago

and in doing so, they are making those who have supported them underappreciated.

falviousuk1897d ago

So they should give every single person who has purchased a MS product free things.

Again something positive that MS does and they still get crap for it.

creatchee1897d ago


So they should do nothing for anybody then so not to make people cry? Because trust me - even if they gave the game away for free to everyone, somebody would cry.

Anzil1897d ago

lets cry a little tho eh?

Juiceid1897d ago

How about those who are getting the system for free!? Lucky b's!

ELCUCO1897d ago

But it was always said to be a FTP game... By that logic Sony is giving Blacklight Retribution, Warframe, Warthunder, DCUO, Planetside 2, Deep down all for FREE!!!

brbobcat1897d ago

1 character is free to play. You have to buy the rest.

jackanderson19851897d ago

They're giving the remaining characters away for free

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