Xbox One's Phil Spencer on 1080p, Bundled Kinect, and Microsoft's New IPS

The Xbox One arrives in just over two weeks, so Adam Sessler got the chance to sit down with Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios, to discuss the launch. See what Phil has to say about the resolution controversy, the inclusion of Kinect, and their software plans at launch and down the road.

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ELCUCO1808d ago ShowReplies(3)
DeadRabbits1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

No 1080p 60fps No Deal!

Septic1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

This was a really good interview and after listening to him and reading your comment, I feel sorry for you. Is that what you base your decision on? Well then, the only platform you'll be happy with is PC.

And a really good interview by Sessler. I would probe more on the resolution thing but I feel very confident with Spencer's answers regarding new IP's and future exclusive content.

DeadRabbits1808d ago

I am not happy with the fact they try to gloss over very important aspects of the upcoming gen that should make it feel and appear gen plus I have completely lost trust in the company!

There is no need to feel sorry for me I am picking up a PS4.

Septic1808d ago

"There is no need to feel sorry for me I am picking up a PS4."

Because all games are running at 1080p and 60fps on the PS4 right?

Do you not care for games like DR3, D4, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, Ryse, Forza, Project Spark among others?

falviousuk1808d ago

Why ar you getting a PS4 if al you care about is 1080p 60fps as not all games can do that, however if you buy a kitted out PC you can have the best graphics experience of all.

Then again, troll away fanboy

DeadRabbits1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

If M$ continue to maintain the 180's they did and show no sign of a return to anti consumer tactics then I will buy an xbone and enjoy its great exclusives.

Until then I am a Skeptic Mr Septic!


I care about being valued as a consumer above all else and I prefer the console experience more!

Boody-Bandit1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

"Do you not care about games like DR3, D4, Killer Instinct, Titanfall, Ryse, Forza, Project Spark?"

DR3 - nope

D4 - what's that?

KI - I'm one of the guys that has been clamoring for a new KI since MS acquired Rare. So yes I care about yeah but not in it's current form. It's being rushed to the market and doesn't appear to be done yet. Only 8 characters (less than when it launched nearly 20 years ago), still tweaking the engine all the way up to launch, barely any single player modes or an extensive online component.

Titanfall - intrigued but not a big fan of online only and I never really got into any game with mechs. Personal preference but just being honest.

Ryse - Nope

Forza 5 - Yup. HUGE Forza fan but I'm going to hold off for Fanatec to make a compatible wheel for the X1 before even considering getting one.

Project Spark - nope

So for me it's all about KI and Forza but not enough to warrant spending $1600+ dollars just to play those 2 games.

mewhy321808d ago

really good interview by Adam and awesome nintendo "play the games" dodging and deflecting of the bone's weakness compared to ps4, by Phil. Cudos to the double talk from Phil and microsoft. Man this guy should run for office.

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CrossingEden1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Then might as well cancel your ps4 pre-order,
-battlefield 4
-infamous second son
-Assassin's creed 4
none of these games run at a CONSTANT 1080p/60fps, in fact, the only game I can think of that is coming soon to ps4 and runs at 1080p/60fps so is....
have fun

Dno1808d ago

all of those games are 1080p cept battlefield with is still a higher res on ps4.

Lets not be fools. He wants the best multiplatform games on the most powerful console and that's ps4.

Funnymonkey0131808d ago

Yeah they aren't 1080p but all of those games run better on PS4.

Ju1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Reaching, huh. Now in upper case. whoa, eh. LOL. Awesome. ;) Fact is, MPs run higher res AND higher frame rate on PS4 - and please, be so fair and put CoD side by side to SF. You'll think you'll play one more generation between the two.

BTW: We'll see what CONSTANT means when DF verdicts come in.

Anzil1808d ago

fuk it i like microsoft right now gunna buy the one

1808d ago
come_bom1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

I have a feeling heads are going to roll at the xbox division... like Sleepy Hollow.

There are just too many mistakes with the Xbox One and the bad press never stops. A new console with games at 720p/30fps is inadmissible in 2013.

I don't know if Microsoft can save the Xbox One in the future, but at this moment it's one big f**kup. In all honesty i think the best thing Microsoft could do is delay the X1 for another year, and improve the hardware and software of the new console. They would lose money with the delay, but probably make up for it later on.

Funnymonkey0131808d ago

Let's face it everybody knows the X1 was rushed to compete with the PS4 and its futhore prove with what some of the Devs r saying about the X1 with the 720P and 30fps on almost all of their games. PS4 has already won this gen and it's only going to get better 4 it as X1 will be known the the biggest console mistake to release.

Golden_Mud1808d ago

Actually PS3 was the worst console to release , you just forgot everything of the past and denied it

boneso821808d ago

Even though globally PS3 has outsold Xbox 360, in a years less time, with less 2nd and 3rd purchases due to RROD, yea, PS3 is definitely worst console to release! Lol

You must be too young to remember the Atari Jaguar, or the 3DO...

Stick891808d ago

If you mean PS3 was one of the worse console "launches" I'd say you'd have somewhat of a point. But in the end it wound up being besting it's direct competition and I wouldn't doubt if it surpasses the Wii because Sony takes forever to drop support on a previous console.

jeffgoldwin1808d ago

Xbox shud have been more powerful from all indications.

However, it's a big fail to say anything about next-gen was rushed. MS and Sony have spent 5-7+ years planning for it. The longest gap in console history in fact. If mistakes or bad decisions were made, it had nothing at all to do with being rushed or not enough time.

You really have to be punch drunkk from the media hype machine troll articles if you really think that.

walkincarpet1808d ago

while the resolution is definitely a surprise I don't know why you think X1 was rushed or why you think PS4 already won. Using the same thinking we could say the PS4 was rushed and X1 already won as X1 is superior in every way aside from the graphics.

Cuzzo631808d ago

Cant be serious. Xb1 as a cablebox surely is better than... a cable box. As far as gaming tho... naaaaa u cant b serious

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