Project CARS Abandons Current-Gen In Favor Of Next-Gen Platforms

Slightly Mad Studios announced today that crowd-powered, AAA racing title Project CARS will be coming to three further gaming platforms in 2014.

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Neonridr1810d ago

Will this game ever officially release, that remains to be seen, lol.

zeal0us1810d ago

Well we know its not going through development hell so thats good.

Regardless this is a good move for Slightly Mad. Beside there's plenty racing games for this gen to keep racing fanatics happy.

PoSTedUP1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

nice. this and driveclub will be a good alternative if i ever get bored of GT6, until GT7 comes out (tho id surly get it just for the awesome engine sounds, and driveclub for the social connective feaures). smart move by Mad, looks like they are trying to compete with GT and forza. it doesnt have that many cars or a lot of the more popular ones but if they release a decent sized DLC car pack id deff pick it up for $10.

but at the same time this is one of the exclusive games that made PC special, that would suck if it goes the crysis2 route and dumbs down the graphics on PC bc they are gonna make extra sales on consoles.

Autodidactdystopia1810d ago

I say GOOD out with the old tech and in with the new.

Project cars looks great.

I want racing games to get the "real" feel I still see missing even after all these years.

I don't mean just crashes either, closest thing I have seen to that tactile "real" feeling of the vehicles is beamNG.

Like when a truck goes over a speedbump the bed kinda counter rotates to the cab. Racing games as of yet don't really incorporate this tactile flex and malleability into the simulation. when they do things will finally be perfect.

Until then the cars will be rigid computerized hypercubes that when they hit the side railing algorithmically jump into the sky and then tumble awkwardly to and fro until finally coming back into contact with the only surfaces that are almost correctly physically simulated, 'the tires'.

I don't like how cars in games just shunt all over the place when they hit the curb or whatever.

I want my car to feel there as if the turning of the pistons are actually vibrating the side mirrors and blurring my vision.

We have the graphics almost there, now lets work on catching the physical representation of the cars up to how they look.


vishmarx1810d ago

i wasnt even sure if it was a game lol.
just looked like a beautiful tech demo all the time

Deividas1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Its also a crowd funded indie game. The team is not as big as your average AAA developer

CaptCalvin1809d ago

which means no real deadline.

WeAreLegion1810d ago

Good move. I hope there is some form of mod support on consoles. That's the best way to play with Project CARS.

pwnsause_returns1810d ago

smart move. now they can concentrate on next-gen.

obliterator1810d ago

Woohoo. That's awesome news. I love this game. Great graphics :)

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The story is too old to be commented.