Rumor Smash: That "Release GTA IV Early" Letter? It's Not Real. @ Kotaku

Kotaku writes: "Sorry fanboys. Have you seen that letter from "Rockstar" conceding defeat to those already pirating GTA IV, urging Holland to ignore the April 29th release date as to not lose any more sales? Well, needless to say, it's not real. But if our own assurances aren't enough, Rockstar has confirmed that, no, it's not real.

Still, how anyone would have a heart dark enough to forge such a teasing document is beyond us."

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Gamingisfornerds3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

I think the main problem would be the shipping of the game. All stores to get the game should have an equal chance in selling the game, and the only way would be to make sure that they all get to sell the game at the same time.

Shippment arrivals will differ from store to store, so it wouldn't be fair if one store got it earlier and started selling them while another's still waiting for the game to arrive. So that's why they set a specific "streetdate".

So sorry, no petition in the world is going to change this. :(

AzaziL3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

They ought to just release it, especially since the more people that see others are playing GTA IV early because they pirated on to a Modded 360, the more that will most likely do this for future games.

Fishy Fingers3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Although the story has been rubbished, you may what to check the status of your per-order. Several forums have users reporting that their copy has been "Sent".

Cross your fingers, unfortunately I didn't pre-order with them :(

here's one of the forums > http://forums.gametrailers....

DomUltra3856d ago

One thing is for sure, some one went out of their way to make this letter as professional as possible.

Marceles3856d ago misspelling "separate", the cut and paste job was pretty bad on the R* logo too since you can see the black outline of some parts of it, but hey it fooled some people, mission accomplished

SuperSaiyan43856d ago

Why? Because 1) Australia gets an EDITED version early woopeedoodah I say.

2) WorldWide release Tuesday 29th April thats TUESDAY for everyone! Usually Europe gets a Friday release.

29th April = Xbox 360 version Collectors edition for me hoorah!! £59.98 from ;-)